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Authentic Italian desserts is a collection of Italian dessert recipes that I bake over and over for my family. This page is an index of all the recipes on this site. This is commonly referred to as a site map. It's a non-fluffy-word-page, where the recipes are listed in by categories - and the photo gallery to the right will lead you to the recipe. You do have to click on the photo to get to the recipe. Nothing fancy or frilly on this page. It's just here to guide you to the many Italian dessert recipes that are begging to come out of your kitchen!

The most popular during the holiday season is the Italian cookie recipes.

November 2017

Top Five Most Viewed Italian Cookie Recipes

#1 Anisette Cookies

#2 Italian Wedding Cookie

# 3 Almond Biscotti Recipe

#4 Ricotta Cheese Cookie

#5 Pizzelle Recipe

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And then there's the Italian cake section

I mention cannoli recipes right here, because they are one of the most well known Italian goodies. Some people call 'em cream horns, some call 'em "cannols". But I'm putting them right here near the top since they are one of my top viewed pages. cannoli recipes

November 2017

Top Five Most Viewed Italian Cake Recipes

#1 Best Tiramisu Recipe


Italian Rum Cake Recipe

#3 Almond Cake Recipe

#4 Lady Fingers Recipe

#5 Lemon Pound Cake

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And then there's the Italian drinks section.

November 2017

Top Five Most Viewed Italian Drink Recipes Pages

#1 Amaretto Sour Drink Recipe

#2 Peach Sangria

#3 Amaretto Coffee

#4 Amaretto Stone Sour Recipe

#5 Italian Margarita Recipe

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And then there's the Italian biscotti recipes, which by the way are so CHEAP to make you will never want to spend money at Starbucks again.

Italian Biscotti Recipe →

We love to use any fruit or vegetable when it's in season.

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And close to last of the neatly categorized authentic Italian desserts are the tarts recipes

Tart Recipes →
Making Italian desserts doesn't require special skills or freaky food ingredients. Dive in and try one of these recipes. You will get hooked and bake more. Because really there's not much to it. We are like any other culture - we flavor with the same ingredients over and over and over and over and over and over.... Thanks for stopping by -

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