Amaretto Tea

"Three 'lil ingredients to this tasty treat"

amaretto tea

This amaretto tea is one of my 23 Amaretto Drink Recipes. It's kinda like a hidden gem. It's not real well known like our other Italian drinks that call for amaretto - like the Amaretto Sour.

In a lot of ways I think this taste like a chai tea. Right now chai is the rave. It's trendy. Hip. Cool. And expensive for what it really is. Just THREE ingredients. See the recipe below.

If you are wanting this for an afternoon tea, I'd scale back the amaretto. If you are wanting this for an after-dinner tea, then leave the recipe alone.

Now if you are wanting this as a tea to drink at work - tsk tsk tsk. Well unless you own your own business and don't mind drinking on the job.

If this amaretto-type-drink isn't what you were looking for, scroll below and check out my photo gallery. Those are all the Italian drink recipes I have on my site. And 23 of the recipes call for amaretto. So, don't think your bottle will sit around and can only be used for one or two drinks. the recipe list of

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Amaretto Tea

YIELD: 1 Serving


* 6 ozs of hot tea

* 2 ozs amaretto

* 1 - 2 oz cream


* Mix it all together.

NOTE: I serve this both - hot and cold.

* If you want it cold, I'd make the ice tea first and put it in the fridge for

What is amaretto?

An Italian liqueur that has only been imported recently into the USA since the 1960's. When I was a kid this was a big deal in my family. It seemed like the aunties and uncles discussed it a lot while it was "new". As for flavor - sweet almonds is how most people describe the taste. If you buy a bottle I have a ton of Italian drinks that use it. And I have a few other Italian dessert recipes that call for it.

What type tea is best?

Personally, I think a basic tea - such as a Lipton's works the best in this recipe. Why? The amaretto is sweet and if you choose an herbal tea, then you are crossing flavors that could fight with the amaretto. The standard teas carry tannin which is more acidic - and with the cream and amaretto you are hitting three parts of your taste buds. Kinda like decorating your house using the three triangle points of a color wheel. It balances. And if you have no idea what I'm talking about (color wheel and decorating), that's OK. Pour another shot of amaretto and move on.

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