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Italian cakes may seem like a mystery, but they aren't. We use several common ingredients and I listed those below -it's really about knowing what to combine with what to get that authentic Italian flavor. It's not tough, and I guarantee you can make a better cake than most supermarket bakeries just by following each recipe and understanding a few simple things. None of which are tough because nobody likes hard. We don't have time for that.

You may be tempted to pick up on of our cakes at a large supermarket chain. But really don't. You can do better at home. See most industrial bakeries that bake for the huge supermarkets AND most franchised restaurants fail miserably they can't capture that flavor you really want. Why? Because they use cheap ingredients and they are just cranking out cakes, slapping a label on that says "Italian" this or that. Here's the deal. YOU can make any of of these Italian cakes on my site and they will be tasting truly authentic just from getting these simple ingredients found in *normal* supermarkets. (Bypass that fake bakery there!) MOST of those bakeries use cheap perservative laden ingredients. If you really want that zingy Italian cakes flavor, walk by that stale bakery case and pick up the simple fresh ingredients that the bakery skips. (Keep reading)

What makes a cake authentically "Italian"?

We generally use one or several of these ingredients:

  • almonds - walnuts - or hazelnuts
  • candied citron
  • ricotta, mascarpone, whipping cream
  • booze or wine to flavor
  • whole milk dairy products
  • lisa gianotti

    Tiramisu is the most popular Italian desserts known. And I mention this cake by itself, first and upfront. Why? Because it's the first thing you think of when you hear Italian cakes right? And here's what I don't get, people fall all over themselves to order a slice at a restaurant - and MOST of the time it's awful. Not always. (But usually) I can name several popular restaraunts that serve trash tiramisu. I want YOU to KNOW you can do better YOURSELF! Seriously. I guarantee, even on your first try you can outdo Olive Garden's tiramisu!

    How do I know? I've done it! I was chicken of trying to make it FOREVER. Then one year, I decided, break out the recipe books, see why this *seems* so hard. Wanna know what? I realized it was more about the procedure (along with fresh ingredients) - and just following THAT traditional procedure - I made a KILLER tiramisu for my husband's 49th birthday. It was stellar! (And in my opinion this is the best tiramisu recipe. The Best Tiramisu Recipe.) This tiramisu recipe follows the traditional procedure I'm talking about and it uses the traditional ingredients. Nothing spectacular or outrageous. Nothing that will require you to drive miles to a supermarket for a super secret ingredient. Just normal fresh stuff.

    You do know Italians make other cakes, right? We don't make tiramisu all year long! It would be like saying Americans eat white wedding cake only, and they eat it all year long. Italian cakes come in varieties use *normal* ingredients. And the key to our flavor is - we use real dairy for the most part , fresh fruits if called for and pretty much fresh everything. It's just knowing how to combine certain ingredients together. And I walk you through that on each recipe. The nice thing is you probably have most of these ingredients sitting in your kitchen right now! If not they are just around the corner.

    Remember we don't do crazy here. We use real ingredients that can be found in most supermarkets (and liquor stores). It's just a matter of knowing what to put with what - and really just following the recipe. Not too hard, right?

    Plan on most of these taking around from prep to bake. But there are a few that are slightly longer - like your pound cakes, bundt shaped cakes, and our super traditional cassata cake (the green one pictured at the top of the page), those ones do take a bit more time.

    Thanks for stopping by. I really do hope you try your hand at some of these Italian cakes - I guarantee you will be surprised at what can come out of your kitchen by just following the simple procedures and using simple fresh ingredients -

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