Easy Candy Recipes

easy candy recipes

This collection of easy candy recipes aren't all necessarily Italian Dessert Recipes . We are like anyone else - we do enjoy candy. But some of our candies aren't so simple. I tried to keep those ones out of here. Except my truffles. My amaretto truffles. They are truly an Italian dessert - but fair warning - THEY ARE NOT EASY. Because I have a traditional Italian Dessert Recipes collection I felt the need to leave them on the site. (But I am giving you a warning on "NOT" easy)

For the holiday season we usually have platters of goodies - mostly with cookies ( Italian cookie recipes ) - and we put the candy on the platter interspersed through out the cookies. We don't pile big chunks of fudge or mounds of chocolate. The candies is kinda like a garnish.

We are big on jelly candies. Love 'em. I have a killer apricot jellied candy recipe...but it's not here yet. (Gotta get one of those jelly candy recipes in here.) And we have a torrone which is a nougat. At the present I add recipes to this collection as I make them. And although this collection is small - look through my large collection of Italian cakes and Italian cookie recipes .

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All of my recipes are put here with a normal cook in mind. I love cooking shows, the competition, and going to boutique restaurants - BUT I DON'T LIKE TO COOK that way in my every day real life.

One more thing - don't plan on candy being something to serve right away. You will need time for it to cool before you box it up to give away, or put out on platter. It's not the prep time that you need to plan for, but the cooling time. You need at least 2 hours sometimes to have it set and ready to package up.

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