Apricot Dessert Recipes

apricot dessert recipes

This apricot dessert recipes collection is part of a whole collection of fruit dessert recipes I have on my site. Right now I only have two recipes - but really you can make a third by modifying my date bread recipe. All you would need to do is substitute chopped dried apricots for the chopped dates.

Apricots are not uncommon in Italian Dessert Recipes. I guess I just haven't experiemented with them as much as my mom did when I was growing up. She had a knack for incorporating them into a ton of desserts.

I grew up eating apricots. A lot. Like more than I wanted. My mom threw them in my lunch (fresh) only to be bruised after banging around in my 1960's Peanuts lunch box walking to the bus stop 20 miles in the snow with no shoes on. And if I wasn't forced to have them fresh - then she tried to hide the dried ones in everything, cookies, cereal, snack mix etc.

That's not to say that all apricot dessert recipes have to involve creating, baking, sifting, or even turning on an oven for that matter.

It wasn't too long ago I was watching a TV show about a young Italian family who was preparing dinner for nana and papa. (For those not Italian - that means a set of grandparents are coming to dinner.) This young family had a little country villa, not really close to anything. Just kinda plunked in the middle of rolling hills and fertile soil. The mom and son had picked some zucchini and fresh lettuce out of the garden. While the mom prepared the salad, the dad began grilling the zucchini and some meat - can't recall the meat. The dad (who was really cute by the way) didn't have an American type grill. It was basically an outdoor fire pit which he separated into little cooking sections based on the intensity of the flame. He separated a little space for apricots!

Yeah I know - I thought - grill? apricots? These go to together?

BUT because he was so cute, I cut him some slack and watched what he was doing with them. He was basting them butter and a sweeter wine. The fat from the butter made some professional looking sear marks. And with the combo of the wine I did begin to salivate. They looked delish. And so did he! But back to the apricot - it's amazing what people can do with simplicity.

The two apricot dessert recipes I have are in the photo gallery below. (And three if you can see to substituting dates for apricots in my date bread recipe.) Just hover over the picture - if it interests you - then click on it. Poof. You will be whisked away to apricot wonderland.

And if you are holding a pile of fruit were looking for something else to do with your sweet delight - check out my fruit dessert recipes.

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