Italian Bread Recipes

Loaf Style and Yeast Raised

italian bread recipes

These Italian bread recipes are a collection of breads that I have previously listed in my Italian cakes section. Afterwhile I had so many of these breads that weren't necessarily cakes, but they were sweet. In trying to be the organization foodie I am - once I began baking the yeast raised breads I felt forced to put these in their own category.

All of these recipes are the sweeter type breads - since that is what I focus on is sweets, hence the website of Italian Dessert Recipes . BUT even though these are sweet, almost all of these are breads we serve at dinner. Yes, I realize it's odd to serve a sweeter bread at dinner, but that's what we do.

Most of these recipes are from my grandma's cookbooks that she used while we were growing up. The date bread came from my Aunti Rose. She used to make it for Thanksgiving. Others I've made over the years. Like the recipe for pumpkin bread, that came from my grandma's cookbook, but I think I'm the only one who makes it. And I've been making that one since the 1990s.

Each and every recipe has been hand baked by me, tested and scarfed down by my kids. And I can guarantee I will be making these again and again.

I'd plan to set aside a minimum of to bake and prep for any of these. Just letting you know in case you were looking for something quick.

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