Bourbon Ball Recipe

"Chocolate Gingersnaps and Bourbon for a kick!""

bourbon ball recipe

This bourbon ball recipe packs a punch! When I'm shaping the cookies I can feel the coolness of the bourbon on my hands.

This is one of my Italian cookie recipes I make for the holiday season. They make great gifts for co-workers, babysitters, neighbors, vet, friends - etc. I stick them in an airtight jar and tie a festive ribbon around the top.

This recipe is from my grandma. And I love it because even if I change a few things - it still reminds me of our holidays. So you can go into this knowing there are oodles of substitutions ideas (see below). Feel free to experiment, but stick with the ratios - so that these hold together well.

If this wasn't exactly what you were looking for - and you are hunting for an Italian Holiday Cookie Platter. Here's what I make.

These are Italian Dessert Recipes passed down to me from my grandma and great-grandma:

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    Bourbon Ball Recipe

    YIELD: approx 3 dozen


    * 1 cup gingersnaps (see substitution ideas below)

    * 1 cup chopped walnuts

    * 1 cup confectioners sugar

    * 3 teaspoons unsweetened cocoa powder

    * 1/4 cup bourbon

    * 1 1/2 teaspoons light corn syrup

    * 1/3 cup cocoa and confectioners sugar


    * Combine gingersnap crumbs, finely chopped walnuts, sugar and cocoa.

    * Blend the bourbon and the corn syrup together.

    * Add the gingersnap crumb mixture and mix well.

    * Shape into 1 inch balls and roll in confectioners sugar and cocoa mixture.

    * Put these in airtight container like a Tupperware and refrigerate at least 24 hours before serving.

    * Actual prep time is about . But they do need to sit. (Don't forget!)

    Can I substitute the ground walnuts?

    You can use pecans. But most Italian dessert recipes call for walnuts or almonds. And almonds I definitely wouldn't try to work with. I'm sure pecans would taste just fine though.

    Can I change the gingersnaps?

    There tons of alternatives. BUT you may need to add a bit of spices to get the bourbon to flavor. I've noted those to the right of the suggestions:

  • chocolate wafers - may need a touch of ginger and nutmeg.
  • graham cracker crumbs - I'd add some cloves, nutmeg, ginger.
  • vanilla wafers (my least favorite EVER). You can use them, but the amount of spices needed to flavor a vanilla wafer would take too much scrolling to list. But it's doable.
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