White Chocolate Martini Recipe

"Amaretto adds the extra special twist!"

white chocolate martini recipe

This white chocolate martini recipe is one of those off-the-beaten-path Italian drinks. And that's only because it has amaretto in it. (If you are a fan of amaretto see my amaretto drink recipes page.) martini recipe is

I was visiting my sister-in-law. We went to a fun little bar/restaraunt on a creek in Cleveland, Ohio. I must admit, I have never been a fan of white-chocolate-anything. But I saw this had amaretto in it - and I thought I would try it. And if it was good I would post it here. It was good! BUT one caveat - I got too busy talking to ask the bartender what ratio he used. So I went home and experimented.

Two of the ingredients aren't what you would expect to be in a white chocolate martini recipe. The creme de banana and the amaretto. Skip them. Or try them. Your the bartender. I really think they add a lot extra pizzazz though.

Got questions? See the FAQs and substitutions below.

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White Chocolate Martini Recipe

YIELD: 1 Serving


* 1/2 oz creme de bananas (optional - see below)

* 1/2 oz white creme de cacao (see below)

* 1 oz amaretto

* 1/2 oz vodka

* 1 oz heavy cream


* Mix

* Shake

* Pour in chilled glass

* tops. And that's included time to text a neighbor, phone a friend, and post how cool you are!

What is amaretto?

An Italian liqueur. It's more than just almonds, but that is the general way to describe it. It's a sweet almond tasting liqueur.

Banana liqueur or creme de bananas?

You are going to have real cream in this any way - so IF you get creme de bananas it's just another cream whammy. Personally I get the banana liqueur because I can do more with it if I want a non-creamy drink later.

White chocolate liqueur or white creme de cacao?

Again, I want versatility with my liquor - so I DON'T get the white creme de cacao. I get a white chocolate liqueur. This will allow me to make other drinks!

What kind of vodka?

Make sure it's NON flavored. But my personal choice is Finlandia. BUT don't get hung up on it. Experiment with your drinks and find your own personal favorite! Start out making cocktails with more inespensive vodka - but NOT crap vodka. Talk with your liquor store - tell them you want a vodka, but not crap and NOT expensive. They want your business so they will work with you.

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