Italian Margarita Recipe

"Amaretto, sweet and sour, tequila, and triple sec"

italian margarita recipe

This Italian margarita recipe is part of my amaretto drink recipes collection. I definitely don't let a bottle of amaretto sit still. This starts off like a margarita and then has the addition of an amaretto sour drink recipe. It's one of those SURPRISE Italian drinks, like a non-traditonal surprise!

It's not complex - there's only 4 ingredients.

  • amaretto
  • sweet and sour mix
  • tequila
  • triple sec
  • I always make my own sweet and sour mix and you can do it too. It's real simple - sugar, water and REAL lemon. And you may want to get creative and have that be a lemon and lime mix. Your call.

    This Italian margarita recipe will turn out a little brown in color. And that's from the amaretto. And obviously, you can choose to add more or less of it - just keep in mind the more amaretto you add, the browner the drink. I know amaretto is not the standard-cheap-liqueur, but there are tons of Italian cakes and drinks you can use it for. Matter of fact, I have a whole page devoted to just amaretto recipes . Just so you know, that bottle won't go to waste and there is a lot you can do with it!

    And if you wouldn't ever dream of baking or cooking - just see my amaretto drink recipes, no cooking involved there.

    Thanks for stopping by and there are a few questions and answers listed below -

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    Italian Margarita Recipe

    YIELD: 1 single layer 8 or 9 inch cake


    * 4 oz amaretto

    * 8 oz sweet and sour mix

    * 2 oz tequila

    * 2 oz Triple Sec


    * Prepare your sweet and sour mix (real simple, see above)

    * Uh, lets see..

    * Mix and drink

    * A serious fix if you already have the sweet and sour made.

    How do I make sweet and sour?

    It's three things; sugar, lemons, and water. You do it like this; boil water, add sugar and liquefy. Let itt cool, then add your lemon. The ratios are like this - 1 part sugar and 1 part water - and 2 parts of lemon. BUT you can always adjust to your tasting. Don't forget because this sweet and sour is for a margarita, you can add lime too.

    Doesn't sweet and sour have egg whites?

    Only if you want the drink frothy. And upscale shi shi poo poo bars use this now and then. I am a real person at home not caring if my drink froths, spins or entertains. I just want a drink. I avoid egg whites at all costs - health reasons. I just don't want to be puking from raw egg whites. Your choice though.

    Which brand of Tequila works best since this is an Italian Margarita Recipe?

    Ask each person reading this, and there are tons of answers in every brain. We host an annual Labor Day party and our Margarita bartender always uses Jose Cuervo. (Personally I like the Respado better) but after Labor Day there's leftovers, and that's what I have in my cabinet. So, that's what I've been using. Not saying it's the "best". Just sayin' that's what I have right now - and I'm frugal. Once that runs out - I may splurge for Respado.

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