Eggnog Cake Recipe

Rum soaked cake layers, with apricot preserves and eggnog filling

eggnog cake recipe

This eggnog cake recipe has an eggnog filling with apricot preserves. The base cake part is a rum soaked yellow cake. It's one of those fairly easy Italian cakes (if you use a cake mix for the base). The only potential tricky part is getting 3 nice even layers sliced after the cake cools.

I served this eggnogg cake on Christmas Day. But I made it twenty four hours ahead of time. And that is what makes it primo! Sitting.

Originally my moms husband requested my Italian Rum Cake Recipe . I make that so often, I wanted to twist up this holiday a bit. So, I thumbed through my Italian grandma's little cookbook (one she put together as a fund raiser with her lady friends) looking for something that would keep everyone happy. And I found this eggnog cake recipe .

I felt justified since this is so similar to my Italian Rum Cake Recipe. Thankfully the recipe was GREAT. And *whew*, the peace was kept this holiday season. This was superb!

A big key to the superb flavor? Make sure this cake has a good 24 hours of rest to let the flavors permeate!

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Eggnog Cake Recipe

YIELD: One 9 inch cake


* 2 Tbsp of cornstarch

* 1/4 cup of sugar

* 2 cups eggnog (not LOWFAT - real eggnog!)

* 1 pkg lemon or butter cake mix

* 6 Tbsp of rum

* 3/4 cups of apricot jam or preserves

* 2 cups all-purpose flour

* 1/2 cup of whipping cream (See - whipped cream recipe if you need help on how to whip it.)

* 1/4 cup sliced almonds, toasted


* In sauce pan mix cornstarch and sugar and eggnog

* Cook overhigh heat until mixture boils and thickens.

* Cover and cool.

* Prepare cake batter as package directs. Pour into springform pan.

* Bake as directed. Cool on rack.

* To assemble - split cake into 3 thin layers.

* Place bottom layer on flat cake plate.

* Sprinkle with 2 tablespoons of rum.

* Spread with half of apricot jam/preserves.

* Cover with half chilled eggnog filling

* Repeat process with second layer

* Top with last layer an sprinkle with remaining 2 tablespoons of rum.

* Frost top with whipped cream. (I usually wait until serving to add the whipped cream.) Need to know how to make whipped cream? See - whipped cream recipe .

* Sprinkle with almonds.

* Refrigerate till serving.

* I'd set aside at least an hour to get this done. And that doesn't include the sitting time. Just the prep time.

Can I skip the rum?

You can - but do you really want to? If you are looking for options try:

  • espresso
  • orange juice
  • white wine

  • The trick to slicing please!?!

    Let the cake cool. Like totally cool. If you got the crusty edges from greasing the pan that's a start:

  • use a serrated knife
  • work around the edges of the cake to mark where the cut will be
  • gradually work around again slicing in a little deeper using the same edges marks as a guide.
  • I once heard the ladies in my sons PTA group say they use dental floss to slice the layers. (I never have. It's worth a try.)

    Apricot Jam? Jelly? Or Preserves?

    Preserves have chunks - good to use. Jam has lumps or chunks - good to use. Jelly is smooth - not really the texture we want in this cake. But it's your call.

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