Recipe For Chocolate Cheesecake

"Been making this recipe for over 30+ years"

recipe for chocolate cheesecake

This recipe for chocolate cheesecake came from my sister in law - 30 years ago. It's a baked cheesecake recipe. (Unlike my Amaretto Mousse Cheesecake which is a no-bake and is slightly more like an American type cheesecake with a hit of Italian flavor.)

My sister-in-law was cooking one of her first sit down dinners. (You know how that is, after you get out of college and want to play "grown up".) I can still remember the weather that day, the conversation - and how fantastic this was! I was kinda surprised, not that I doubted her cooking skills. But when someone says they are making a cheesecake, there's the American-fake-type, and then there's the old-school real stuff. And this was it! The old-school real stuff!

I think two KEY things make this stand out:

  • the sour cream
  • the baking procedure (scroll below - you will see)
  • If this wasn't exactly what you were looking for scroll below and you will see my photo gallery of all the baked cheesecake recipes I have on my site. Just hover over the pic and you will see the recipe name. If it interests you click on the pic and you will be whisked into cheesecake dreamland.

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    Recipe For Chocolate Cheesecake

    YIELD: 10" Cheesecake

    Ingredients - Crust

    * 3/4 cup of flour ( you can swap this out for chocolate wafer cookies - cut back on the butter accordingly though)

    * 2 Tbs of sugar

    * 1/4 tsp salt

    * 1/4 cup butter

    Ingredients - Batter

    * 4 - 8 oz pkg cream cheese

    * 2 tsp vanilla

    * 6 eggs

    * 2 cups sour cream

    * 1 cup of sugar

    * 1/4 cup of flour

    * 6 squares of semi-sweet chocolate

    Crust Procedure

    * Preheat oven to 400 degrees

    * Cut butter and dry ingredients till coarse crumbs

    * Press into bottom 10" spring form pan

    * Bake 10 minutes

    Batter Procedure

    * Preheat oven to 500 degrees (really)

    * Blend cream cheese and sugar

    * Beat in flour and vanilla

    * Add eggs one at a time

    * Stir in melted chocolate

    * Add sour cream and blend

    * Bake 12 minutes at 500 degrees

    * Decrease heat to 200 degrees - do not open the oven door!

    * Bake for 60 minutes at 200 degrees - again - don't open the door!

    * Cool 2-3 hours

    * Refridgerate at least 8 hours

    * Leave in the pan until you are ready to serve

    * Give yourself at least of time from start to finish. I like to let my pie cool off on the counter for quite a bit of time before I put it in the fridge.

    Why 500 degrees, then 200 degrees?

    The 500 degrees warms the ingredients - and then the 200 slow cooks the cake - so it's evenly cooked. But absolutely do NOT open the door. You need that drastic-heat-up the ingredient time. And then 200 isn't very hot. So if you open the door - you are losing that slow cook temperature.

    How come no graham cracker crust?

    You can do one if you want. Won't hurt the recipe at all. I wanted my sister in laws exact recipe for chocolate cheesecake - and this was how she did it. Feel free to use the graham cracker crust if you want.

    Is all this sour cream necessary?

    Don't know if it's "necessary" - but it gives a great not-too-sickening-sweet taste! So many commercialized cheese cakes are overkill on the sugar.

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