Pear Recipes

pear recipes

These three pear recipes are part of my fruit dessert recipes collection. These fruit lists are great in the summer when you have piles of fruit that almost rot!

A couple of things to note about working with pears. They will brown pretty quick once you cut them. You can avoid this by:

  • Using lemon juice - brush it over the pear right after cutting
  • Using "Fruit Fresh"
  • Fruit Fresh is a product that has citric acid in it. You sprinkle it on your pears and it keeps them from oxidizing. It's pretty easy to find. Look for it in your baking section. And if you are lucky enough to have a whole section devoted to canning and freezing - look there. Most of these recipes need firm NOT mushy pears. Mushy pears get real grainy when you work with them.

    But usually you need to look for firm pears with NO brown spots on the outside! Most of these recipes will take you around 30 minutes to . And the 1 hour is about what I figure it would take you to make the pear jam. Just because that takes time to set up, pour, stir and clean up.

    If this wasn't exactly what you were looking for check out my homepage of Italian Dessert Recipes. I have over 235 recipes with photos and step-by-step directions on my site - so browse around.

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