Box Cake Mix Recipes

"Just like a fancy pants bakery!"

box cake mix recipes

Box cake mix recipes can do two things for you:

  • make easy cake recipes taste and look like a fancy pants bakery cooked it up
  • doctor up a "regular" tasting cake
  • I was shocked when I asked my grandma for our Italian Rum Cake Recipe. I was in my early twenties and for some reason when I ate this as a kid if felt like it had special grandma magic. So when I began to copy down the recipe and noticed it was one of those mixes I almost got mad at my grandma when I said, "Oh my God, you never told me you used a cake mix!" I can still hear the inflection in her voice when she replied, "Hey! Hey! Hey! There's nothing wrong with cake mixes!"

    The reason I began putting this list together was - first because there was a HUGE need.

    Second, once a manufacturer puts the recipe on the back of the box - who knows how long it will be on the back of the box? Ever been to the store with enthusiasm to make that special cake, thinking that you will purchase the box that has the recipe printed on the back? Then when you get to the store you look like a crazy person as you shift all the cake box mixes from front to back of the shelf looking at the back panel of 100 boxes only to find the flippin' manufacturer doesn't print the recipe on the box anymore!!!! YIKES!

    So here is a list of Italian cakes I use cake mixes for. Too, you can see them in the photo gallery I have below. Just click on the photo and it will take you to the cake.

    Before I get any email asking - these cake box mix recipes for cookies I don't have any Italian cookie recipes using mixes. I know I've seen (and tasted) cookies that are made from mixes. But I think they are GROSS! Too oily and so sicky sweet, all I wanna do is throw up in my mouth. Let's keep cake mixes with cakes. Ok?

    So - the Italian cakes I have here do turn out really well, hope these box cake mix recipe make your baking adventure a "cake walk". Ha, just saying it makes these one of those easy cake recipes.

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    Box Cake Mix Recipes

    Amaretto Cake Recipe

    Chocolate Amaretto Cake

    Harvey Wallbanger Cake

    Italian Rum Cake Recipe

    Pistachio Cake Recipe

    * Even though these all use a cake mix - I'd still set aside about for prep and clean up for these.

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