Strawberry Mousse Recipe

"Strawberries + Ricotta + Almond Extract"

Strawberry Mousse Recipe

This strawberry mousse recipe is one of those fresh strawberry desserts that isn't a traditional mousse. It calls for ricotta and if you are a fan of ricotta in your desserts you can look through my ricotta cheese recipes collection.

This recipe is very basic and very simple. It will take a bit of time to chill - so don't try and make it during dinner. If you have fresh strawberries by the ton and they are beginning to get overly ripe - THIS IS YOUR RECIPE!

Keep it real simple. Do the whole recipe in the blender!

I do have to say, my kids hate this recipe. Yi-i-ikes, I know. Not a great promo. Their gripe is it's bland. Perhaps I shouldn't have told them it was a "mousse". I should have said, "He guys we are having pureed strawberries and cottage cheese for a grandma meal." They may have liked it and been pleasantly surprised.

There are a couple of things you can do to shake it up a bit. (See below). (If this strawberry mousse recipe wasn't exactly what you were looking for - and you have strawberries hanging around, check out my fresh strawberry cake recipe )

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Strawberry Mousse Recipe

YIELD: Approx 6 large servings


* 1/3 cup of sugar

* 1/4 cup of water

* 2 envelopes gelatin (1/4 oz each envelope)

* 3/4 teaspoon almond flavoring/extract

* 1 1/4 pound of strawberries hulled

* 1 1/2 cups of ricotta


* In a small sauce pan combine the sugar and water over low heat.

* Once combined - sprinkle the gelatin on top and take off of burner.

* Set aside to cool.

* Puree the strawberries ( after you hull them - of course).

* Add the gelatin mixture, and the ricotta plus the almond extract.

* Blend

* Pour the mixture in a prepared mold. (See note below)

* Refrigerate at least .

Mold or spooned in bowls?

I kind of eye it. If I tended to put more strawberries in - than I have a wetter dessert. So I put it in cups or bowls. If I'm in a hurry and it's not quite chilled, then the same thing.

Can I do this in the blender all the way?

Heck yeah. I'm all for easy! That's what I do. Less dishes.

Cow To Make This With More Flavor?

Like I mentioned above, my kids think this is bland. I think you could add a hit of rum to it, or sprinkle it with chopped nuts for texture variety. Or add chunks of strawberries that haven't been blended. OR add some drained maraschino cherries. Or soak some strawberries in marsala for a bit then add those in last.

Whole or skim ricotta?

I'm not a fan of any low-fat dairy product. I feel they are too sicky sweet. BUT if you use a low-fat ricotta, DRAIN DRAIN DRAIN! Pat with a towel, and drain...drain....drain.

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