Rob Roy Recipe

"Just 3 'lil ingredients!"

rob roy recipe

A Rob Roy recipe is one of those classic drinks that has only one ingredient different than a Manhattan drink recipe , and that's scotch.

Manhattans have whisky. Rob Roy's use scotch. My grandma was partial to the Manhattan. When I was a kid she would sneak me a sip or two on the holidays. That was our little thing. Cook and sip, and share our little secret. Only on a few occasions would the men drink all the whiskey and she would have to mix up a Rob Roy recipe as a work around.

This is a classic cocktail recipe. And I didn't add anything out of the ordinary to it.

If you are not familiar with Italian drinks then red vermouth may not be something you are used to using. We cook with it - and conveniently we also drink it. It's not that hard to find. Most liquor stores carry it. I live smack dab in the midwest and I can find it in about every liquor store.

I've answered a few questions about angostura bitters in the section below. Too, there are a few substitutions listed also.

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Rob Roy Recipe

YIELD: 1 Serving


* 1 1/3 ozs scotch

* 1 1/3 ozs / 4cl sweet red vermouth

* Dash (or two ) of angostura bitters

* Maraschino cherry or an orange for garnish


* Stirred over ice.

* Strain into a chilled glass.

* Garnish.

* Serve straight up.

* A simple fix

What is angostura bitters?

Angostura bitters is a small percentage of alcohol, gentian root (a pretty little root with a flower), and some assortment of vegetable extracts.

Can I skip the bitters?

Hmmmmm. Well that is kinda what makes this a classic Rob Roy. So if ya skip 'em - then it's your own creation.

What is vermouth?

Yup. Have at it. BUT the beauty of this recipe is the fact it's just a normal pumpkin cake. It's not a bread. It's really like a cake mix.

Can I swap out the vermouth for a wine?

Nope. Not at all you will hate it!

What can I substitute for the scotch?

Well, you can switch to whiskey and then you have a Manhattan

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