Baked Cheesecake Recipe

baked cheesecake recipe

This baked cheesecake recipe list is a subset of my Italian cakes collection. "Baked" and "no-bake" are two entirely different desserts.

(If you just want to skip down to the list of cheesecake recipes - then click on any of the photos below in the cake photo gallery) A baked cheesecake recipe is the more traditional cheesecake. It's denser. And far more rich than the "non" baked. Since I tend to focus first on the more traditional Italian dessert recipes - I bake those first. Then, when I get a nice set of the "classic" desserts - I may move to more experimenting or playing. Which in this case would be the no bake cheesecake. (And I do have one of those on my site - the Amaretto Mouse Cheesecake .)

As a kid I don't remember ever getting enough cheesecake. If I was lucky I had it once every year to two years. Our family didn't bake it near as much as I wanted. Now that I'm a "big kid" and can bake one any time I want - I can't devour them like I used to when I was in my early twenties.

This recipe list - is a list of cheesecakes I have baked myself. Some have been in my family for years. And others, I decided to give a try when I was having company over or my kids requested it for their birthday.

So what's the difference between a baked cheesecake and a non-baked cheesecake?

  • First and foremost - THE FLAVOR
  • Second - The texture (baked is denser)
  • Third - Baked has eggs - no-baked doesn't
  • Fourth - Effort (A baked cheesecake will take at least an hour - usually more)
  • I'm not about making more work. But in order for some things to stay classic - that's why they stay "classic" because Wal Mart or Target can't replicate them in a hurry. Not saying they don't make a poor rendition of a cheesecake and then freeze it - because they do. But I am saying a baked cheesecake is traditional. It's authentic. That's not to say my amaretto mouse cheesecake is horrid - because it's a no-bake. Because it's not. It has a great texture and flavor - but it's not the "traditional" thing.

    One thing to note. Baking a cheesecake isn't quick. And having it cool off isn't quick either. If you need quick choose the one and only cheesecake I have that requires no baking. Most of these baked cheesecake recipes will take about to bake, and then cool off time.

    Enjoy baking. And check out my homepage of Italian Dessert Recipes while you are here.

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