Espresso Martini Recipe

"A little Half & Half, Espresso Vodka, and Cream de Cacao"

espresso martini recipe

This espresso martini recipe started from a newsletter I received from the Wynn in Las Vegas. I liked what they had going on - but it was too sweet for me. (They called for simple syrup.) So I modified it some. If you want to add it back in - mentioned the ratios in the FAQ section below.

If you like that espresso coffee type flavor in drinks or desserts - see my coffee dessert recipes page, it has more of those type recipes. You know the ying yang - bitter and sweet mixed together.

The substitution section has some tips and "stuff". And if you want to see my full list of Italian drinks they are in my photo gallery below. Just hover over the picture to see the name of the drink - and if it strikes you - click on the photo - POOF you will be taken to the recipe page.

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Espresso Martini

YIELD: 1 serving


* 1 1/2 oz. Espresso Vodka

* 1 oz. Creme de Cacao

* 1 oz. Half & Half


* Combine the above ingredients into a mixing glass.

* Add ice and shake well.

* Strain ( but there really won't be much to strain) and pour in a chilled glass.

* Garnish if you want with chocolate shavings on the rim.

* Serve.

* You should be shaken and ready to go in if you don't dilly dally, text, post, or get lost on the way to the liquor cabinet.

Can I use milk instead of half and half?

You need the fat in the half and half for flavor. Well, even the simulation of it - so the fat free half and half would do. But really the NORMAL half and half is the best.

How much simple syrup was called for in the original recipe?

An 1/8th of an ounce. So, if you think you need it - add it in. I just found it sweet and flavorful enough without.

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