Amaretto Lace Cookies

"A triditional Italian Cookie Recipe"

These amaretto lace cookies are one of those VERY traditional Italian cookie recipes. There are two ways to make amaretto lace cookies.

One is the traditional way where they are rolled like jelly rolls. The other way is less traditional, but more like a cookie. You just add extra flour and those substitutions are listed below.

Amaretto is an Italian liqueur which most people describe tastes likee sweet almonds, although there are no almonds in it. One thing I always say to folks - if you are hesitant about buying a bottle of amaretto because of the price - don't be! I can keep you well supplied with things to do with it. It won't get dusty on your shelf. Check out my whole section of amaretto recipes.

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Amaretto Lace Cookies

YIELD: 40 cookies


* 1/2 cup of amaretto

* 1/2 cup of butter

* 2/3 cup firmly packed dark brown sugar

* 1 cup finely chopped pecans

* 1/2 cup of unsifted all-purpose flour


* In a saucepan, combine amaretto, butter and dark brown sugar.

* Bring mixture to boil.

* Remove from heat and stir in pecans and flour.

* Beat until well blended.

* Drop mixture by level tablespoons onto greased cookie sheet.

* (Bake only six cookies at a time.)

* Bake in a preheated oven about 375 degrees for 6 to , or until deep brown and bubbly.

* Cool cookies on a cookie sheet for 1 min.

* While cookies are still warm, rollup cookies like a jelly roll.

* Cool.

Do I need to use amaretto?

Yes there are no other liqueurs to substitute for this, hence the name amaretto in the title (not rum cookies, not brandy cookies, not bourbon cookies..).

Can I use walnuts?

Yes that would actually be my choice. But my grandmother's friends recipe called for pecans. So, I posted it the way they make these. But walnuts would be just fine. (Just not English or black walnuts)

Want to make these thin and chewy?

  • Add a 1/2 cup more flour into the above recipe.
  • Bake same temp as and time as above (Or until lightly browned around the edges.)
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