Pumpkin Dessert Recipes

pumpkin dessert recipes

It seems pumpkin dessert recipes are the most popular around Thanksgiving and Christmas. I don't know why we only think we can make these at one time of the year. Do you?!

Nonetheless, pumpkin is a big part of our Italian dessert recipes around the holidays. I've been making my recipe for pumpkin bread every Thanksgiving since probably the late 1990's. For our family, that's our one tradition. The other pumpkin dessert recipes I've made in the fall when everyone is thinking about leaves turning brown and all the stores are starting to sell knick knacks in orange and rust. They aren't a holiday tradition per se - but they are recipes I have made throughout the years.

Thankfully - none of these recipes call for a fresh pumpkin to be scooped, cut, or baked. Not that I'm opposed to that - it's just why make more work? I would plan on setting aside at least for any of these - since you do have to clean up, prep and bake. I'm just saying none of these are complicated or use fancy gadgets or wierd ingredients.

Many of these recipes came from my grandma. I inherited a little tin recipe box from her. She got married in 1932 and she began putting her little note cards with her recipes in this little tin. (You can actually see the tin in my photo on my anise biscotti recipe page.) I think my favorite recipe from my grandma that is in this list is the recipe for pumpkin bread. It came from a little cookbook, her and her friends put together as a fund-raiser for the Navy League in Contra Costa County. My grandma actually TYPED out hundreds of these recipes and sent them to a printer for printing and binding. Any way - back to what you are looking for...

The recipes are in the photo gallery below. Hover over the photo. You will see the name of the recipe pop up. If it interests you - click on the photo and you will be taken to the recipe page.

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