What Is A Pizzelle Iron Anyway?

A pizzelle iron is what you need to make one of the most popular Italian Cookie Recipe. - the pizzelle.

A pizzelle iron can be compared to a waffle iron in the way it operates. You pour the batter in - wait for the light - add the cookie batter - let 'er cook - and then take out your pizzelle.

Ok that's if the world operates at it's optimum. I'm not gonna lie - these really aren't an easy to make cookie. You need a good iron first. Then second you need to know your own iron. It's like a waffle iron. Yours might take more batter than your mom's waffle iron. Know what I mean? It's those little nuances that can make you cry.

A couple things about working this iron and buying one - get a name brand iron if you wish to buy one - and I put some tips below! I put some links to the reputable manufacturers - and retailer (Amazon).

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Tips For Pizzelles and Pizzelle Irons

Before The Cookie Prep

* Warm up the iron thoroughly BEFORE you pour your first cookie. Matter of fact warm it up while making the batter (pizzelle recipe)

* IF you want a bit more browned cookie consider adding a smidge of butter to the grill and let it brown

AFTER The Cookie Iron Clean Up Tips

* Don't scrub the grills with "scour-y" brushes or sponges to clean - you will scar the coating!

* Don't oversuds your cleaning efforts - or your next batch of pizzelles will have a sud-sy flavor. Hate to say it - but I don't clean my grills with suds. I just wipe.

Keep The Reciept - JUST IN CASE

Most decent (well-known-money-back-guaranteed-manufacturers) won't have defective irons - BUT if you decide you absolutely hate the purchase and won't use it - TAKE IT BACK. There's usually a "money-back" guarantee period either by the maker or the store selling the appliance Get something you want. (Of course this doesn't mean you can use it for Christmas baking and then say "hate it".)

Every now and then there is a *lemon*. An iron that doesn't heat up. KEEP YOUR RECEIPT Brand name manufactureres don't want the bad press or word of mouth for NOT standing behind their product.

$$$$ - Extra Savings

PUT in your registration card with YOUR EMAIL. Why? Because many manufacturers will send coupons or discount codes. No you probably won't want another pizelle iron - BUT most make other appliances. But who knows, maybe granny wants one for Christmas.

The Price

Yes, you could consider these slightly price-y. But it's a great way to give a unique inexpensive gift for:

  • teachers
  • co workers
  • neighbors
  • or make a nice potluck presentation

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