Blue Martini Recipe

"Blue Curacao, Limoncello, Vermouth, and Gin"

blue martini recipe

This blue martini recipe features two of our popular ingredients found in Italian drinks - vermouth and limoncello. Limoncello is a lemon liqueur. Super cheap and way too easy to make. You can either buy it for about $35USD or use my limoncello recipe Ok, technically I use my brother-in-law's recipe. But you get what I'm saying. Limoncello can be found in MOST liquor stores. And vermouth which is a dry herb-y wine. I talk more about it in the section below.

The Blue Curacao is what makes martini blue in color. It's somewhat of a mind freak because it's blue and it tastes like oranges. So don't get confused, it's orange FLAVORED but not orange in color.

This isn't an overly sweet martini. Which I kinda like, especially if I'm having it before dinner. The vermouth keeps it dry. And the orange and lemon flavors give it enough of a faint fruit taste. And if you a fruity-frou-frou martini drinker, this may give you a mind freak if you see blue and think, "Oooh tropical". Cause it's just not. This blue martini is made with men in mind too. No tropics. No cloying sweet taste. And no need for suncsreen. It's ever so slightly sweet but dry.

I do have a few questions answered in the section below.

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Blue Martini Recipe

YIELD: 1 serving


1 part Blue Curacao (orange liqueur)

1 part Limoncello (if you want to make your own see the limoncello recipe )

1 part Gin (use a good one - like Tanqueray 10)

1/3 part white Vermouth

Blue Martini Recipe Procedure

* Pour the Blue Curacao, the Limoncello, the Gin and the Vermouth into the shaker.

* Add a few ice cubes. Shake well.

* Pour into a cocktail glass and add a fruit garnish.

* Super speedy drink. Like tops if you don't talk, text, or post while hunting down the liquor cabinet.

What is Limoncello?

It's an Italian liqueur. We call it a lemon cordial in the USA. It's basically vodka and lemon peels and enough sugar to be a called a liqueur or cordial - but it's not a super sweet drink. (Click here for the limoncello recipe.)

Will white wine work instead of white vermouth?

Nope. Don't even try it! You will be so mad at yourself if you do.

What is vermouth?

It's a fortified wine. Has stuff added to it - herbs, spices. It's used as an add-in for martinis. And it's a standard aperitif in our Italian drinks. Basically that means - we will drink it alone. I used to say it was a drink for the older men and grandmas in our family. Now, I kinda fit in that category.

Can I use a different orange liquor?

Like Grand Marnier or Cointreau? The flavoring would be fine. But if you are after a BLUE martini - you won't get it. Those guys are colorless or slightly colored. You'd get a colorless martini with basically the same flavors. So close your eyes and it's all the same. But if you are going for *looks* - use the Blue Curacao.

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