Lemon Dessert Recipes

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Lemon Dessert Recipes

This lemon dessert recipes page is a list (see the photo gallery below) of Italian Dessert Recipes and Italian Drinks that are focused focused on - you guessed it - lemons. And I want to add, that's fresh lemons. Not the plastic bottle stuff. (Can I say - gross!)

We pride ourselves on using fresh everything! And really lemons aren't that hard to find. So all of these lemon desserts in our Italian cakes and Italian Drinks use the fresh stuff - real lemons! Buy one! They beat the plastic fake stuff.

Interesting little fact though - one of the longer to make lemon dessert recipes - is the drink - limoncello recipe. It's our lemon flavored vodka. It's not that prepping it takes long, it's the fact that the lemon peels need to sit in the vodka for about two weeks. That's not saying everything on this list is laborious. I was just throwing out that little tidbit in case you were thinking all the drinks on this list were quick. Most of the cakes, cookies, tarts etc - would have the expected cooking times. You know maybe 30 minutes to bake. However, again another tidbit about an oddball recipe is, the lemon layer cake (takes about to bake and assemble)

If you don't see exactly what you are looking for - check out my home page Italian Dessert Recipes . All 230 recipes and photos are desserts and drinks I have made for years. None of them are complicated or with crazy ingredients.

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