Whipped Cream Recipe

Only 3 Little Steps

whipped cream recipe

A whipped cream recipe is really simple - AND the fun part? You can add flavorings to give it a hint of "whatever" compliments your dish. I found it interesting that someone (can't remember who right now) asked me how to make whipped cream. It was an adult. And I thought, how interesting is that?

I grew up making whipped cream because my mom was a health freak and would never buy the "canned stuff" or the "tub stuff". You do know those chemicals will kill you right?

This morning my son asked me to make my chocolate buttermilk cake for his birthday. What was his big request? NO chocolate icing, "I want whipped cream for my frosting." (Isn't there always one *weird* kid in a family?)

And it was just this morning somehow that led to this page when I recently remember an "adult" asking me for a whipped cream recipe .

You really only need 3 things:

  • a mixer
  • a carton of HEAVY cream
  • a pinch of fine sugar
  • and IF YOU WANT - flavoring
  • I put ratios and how to's below in my recipe/procedure box. And if you want some ideas of what to use this on - check out my: Italian Cakes and Fruit Dessert Recipes

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    Whipped Cream Recipe

    YIELD: Depends on the size of the carton


    * 1 carton of HEAVY whipped cream

    * 1 tablespoons of sugar if small carton - 2 tablespoons if larger


    * 1/2 teaspoon rum OR banana OR almond flavoring (this is optional - many times I use NO flavoring)


    * The trick for a whipped cream recipe IS THE PROCEDURE

    * Leave carton of cream IN THE FRIDGE UNTIL YOU ARE READY!

    * Pour the carton of heavy cream in your mixing bowl

    * Set your mixer on HIGH - the absolute HIGHEST setting

    * Begin to beat (on high - did I mention that?) for about a minute

    * Add the sugar - you can turn off the mixer or get tricky and add while it's on

    * If you want a flavoring add it too

    * Watch for peaks to begin to form

    * Here's the dice-y part - if you beat too long IT WILL TURN TO BUTTER. You are the cook - so watch until it reaches the "stiffness" you prefer.

    * Scoop out and enjoy

    *This is seriously one a fix - max!

    Do I need a mixer?

    It's pretty tough without one. When I was a kid we had those mixers that you had to turn the handle. I'm telling you it took a long time. But it got done. And I was usually pretty tired of crankin'. However, with that being said - I've NEVER owned a standing mixer either. (Not sure I want one cluttering my counter space) I use a small hand mixer. The trick is to get it whipped. Period. That's it.

    Why use flavorings?

    You don't have to. But some of my fruit dessert recipes are complimented really well with them. FOr instance I have a strawberry marsala recipe - ( fresh strawberry desserts ) and it pairs well with this whipped cream recipe flavored with amaretto or almond flavoring.

    Why so little sugar?

    Whipped cream isn't about the sweetness itself. It's about the cream. If you want sick-y sweet whipped cream then go to some crappy American coffee house and ask for it. They got it. A real whipped cream recipe is about complimenting the dessert - not making whipped cream the dessert.

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