Bellini Recipe

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bellini recipe

This bellini recipe is one of those Italian drinks that needs to be shared more often than just New Years!

I made these for our Valentine's dinner. Before Valentine's Day, I'd only had bellinis at the Bellagio, in Las Vegas. So, when I looked up how to make an authentic bellini - I was a tad surprised. It called for white peach puree. And the best way to make this IS with white peach puree. Really!

Okay, I know white peaches aren't available just everywhere. So there's a workaround. I put the peach schnapps version in here too.

These bellinis are so good I wished I would have purchased two bottles of champagne. One for me. One for my husband. (I'm serious!)

One thing to note, the fresh white peach puree will make the drink murky - and you can see that in my photo.

And predictably, the peach schnapps version does look pretty and but it tastes kinda "meh". Any cheap bar could make it. So, you can think of it as a back up. Go for fresh peaches if you can! And go for white peaches if you can!

I answered a few questions in the section below.

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Bellini Recipe

YIELD: 1 serving


* * 2 ozs of pureed white peaches

* * 6 ozs champagne

The Workaround Bellini

YIELD: 1 serving


* 2 ozs of peach schnapps

* 6 ozs champagne


Plan on about if you are using peaches and puree-ing them. Other wise it's a wink of an eye with the schnapps.

Puree or juice the peaches?

Doesn't really matter. I'm a Type A Over Achiever - so I juiced mine in my ultra sonic super duper juicer. BUT really, a blender on puree would be perfect. .

What type of peach is the best?

The classic bellini recipe calls for white peaches. Fresh white peaches. We live fairly close to white peach orchards. So I puree in the summer and freeze to have whenever. All to say, the classic recipe calls for white peaches pureed. So I'd say truly the white peach flavor is supreme! Second choice would be a *normal* peach. And the peach schnapps version would be the back up, b-string, J-V team choice. .

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