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These fruit dessert recipes call for a fresh fruit not a canned fruit - and occasionally a dried fruit. If you are like me I very rarely buy fresh fruit intending to cook with it.

I usually buy pounds of fruit because the store had a sale, the colors looked so pretty, and I thought I'd eat five pounds of fruit in a few days.

Next thing I know the fruit grows fuzz. And the guilt sends me scrambling for recipes. And I've got to use up that impulse purchase.

To make things easier I've categorized the recipes by the fruit - like:

  • Apple Dessert Recipes
  • Apricot Dessert Recipes
  • Blueberry Dessert Recipes
  • Lemon Dessert Recipes
  • Pear Recipes
  • And then I have some Italian drinks that use fresh fruit. And you can find those on the Italian drinks page.

    Just to let you know this isn't a group of poser recipes. These are real. This is my collection of Italian Dessert Recipes I've been making for years and years.

    Some were handed down to me from my grandma. Others are from her little Italian-granny-friends. And many I've concocted over the years adapting my grandmas cooking style. It's amazing what a ton of hungry mouths and growing teenagers will inspire you to cook! I rarely have leftovers.

    If you didn't find what you were looking for scroll below and check out my photo gallery of all the fruit recipes I have on my site.

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