Biscotti Jar

A biscotti jar is for decoration really. A Tupperware or anything sealed would work for storing them. But this is more about showing them off! And really if you are going to spend the time going through the two bakings - might as well show them off too.

The history of biscotti is these cookies (we call them biscuits) were made for traveling. Which is why there is the double baking and very little oil or egg! So even if you purchase a jar that doesn't have a super tight seal - you will most likely be OK.

I have 5 biscotti recipes on my site, and even though they do call for a tiny amount of oil in some of them - they will keep. But as always use common sense.

A few other things that help immensely in making biscotti baking be a smooth process:

  • using a serrated knife
  • using a biscotti pan
  • The knife is a must. You will need to slice and NOT CRUSH for your second baking. A crappy knife will ruin everything you did up till that point. Yeah, I know - a bummer. But a good serrated knife can be used for far more than just biscotti. You will be cutting other things too!

    The biscotti pan is just an extra to get even biscuits. When I give these for gifts I like them to look a little more professional than if a first grader assembled them. It's just an extra added touch and I thought I'd let you know the pans are available. Too I'm a big fan of Chicago Metallic. They are reasonably priced and GOOD quality.

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