Orange Marmalade Recipe

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orange maramalade recipe

This orange marmalade recipe is a traditional orange marmalade. By that I mean, it's bitter. The non-traditional approach would be to have the same texture look and feel of marmalade - but NOT have the bitterness. (That's NOT this recipe) You can eat this on toast. And I use in a couple of my Italian Dessert Recipes like;

  • Eggnog Cake Recipe (instead of the apricot jam recipe I have listed for the filling)
  • Italian Cream Cake Recipe
  • But just remember with any jam or jelly recipe (not just this orange marmalade recipe) you gotta keep the batches small. No doubling! They just don't jell if you double.

    A couple of things you might want to know. An orange marmalade recipe uses the peel - BUT not the pith. And yes, you will need to get rid of the seeds too. I realize this is simple and kind of a "duh" factor. But it does take some extra time. It's not a dash and dine type dish.

    You are gonna want to use pectin to get this to jell. And don't worry if you have never used it. See below . It's in most supermarkets and the directions come on the box.

    Please note - this orange marmalade recipe isn't for long storage. This is a refrigerator jam! To get something to store for a long time - that process is called "canning". We're not doing that here. We are eating it up fairly soon.

    If you stopped by just for the orange marmalade recipe - I hope you have time to read through my Italian Cream Cake Recipe recipe. It's always in my top five most viewed Italian cakes each month. It uses the orange marmalade in between the cake layers.

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    Orange Marmalade Recipe

    YIELD: 8-9 pints (or thereabouts)


    * 8 prepared oranges (see how to "prepare" below)

    * 2 prepared lemons (see how to "prepare" below)

    * 4-7 cups of white sugar THIS WILL VARY (look at the directions on YOUR pectin box - it will depend on if you buy no-sugar, lower-sugar or regular sugar pectin)

    * 4 cups of water (or the juice run-off from the lemons and oranges) see below

    * pectin


    * Prepare the oranges and lemons (see how to "prepare" below)

    * Look at the pectin box you purchased. It will tell you the amount of sugar you need for about 8 pints of jam

    * Take the pectin and mix it with 1/3 cup of sugar

    * Sprinkle this over the prepared oranges and lemons

    * Mix it real well

    * Move this to the side (we will get it later)

    * Next p lace a large cooking pot on the burner

    * Add the lemon and orange peels (NOT THE PREPARED ORANGES AND LEMONS), 2 cups of water (or saved lemon and orange juice), and 3 good size pinches of baking soda

    * Bring this to a boil

    * Cover it and let it simmer for about 20-25 minutes.

    * Now you can add the prepared lemons and oranges (which you already added the pectin and sugar to) PLUS add the remaining juice or water (should be the last 2 cups)

    * Bring this to a boil - keep it there about 10 minutes.

    * Last step - add the remaining sugar. Keep it boiling, but not long a minute or so.

    * Once it gets to the thickness you want. (See how to know - below) - remove it from the heat stirring it here-and-there while it cools off.

    * Prepare your jars ("prepare" means MAKE SURE THEY ARE CLEAN! STERILE!)

    * After the marmalade has cooled pour it in the jars

    * Next layer cellophane or saran (as we call it in the US) on top of the jam. I like the saran to touch the jam. It just gives the appearance it's really sealed.

    * Last, screw on the lids.

    * Plan on at least an for prep and cooking. But don't plan on being able to use this for several more hours after since it has to cool.

    NOTE: I want to say it again. (Yes, I know you aren't 12 years old, but still...) Even though you have put saran and secured a lid on a clean jar - this is still a refrigerator jam. This is not a long storage-keep-for-stocking-stuffers -next-year-type-gift.

    Pectin - Never Used It? No Problem

    Just follow the directions on the package. There is a sugar pectin. And a no-sugar pectin. And there is low sugar pectin. Each one has their own amount sugar specified. This orange marmalade recipe yields about 8-9 pints. All you need to do is follow their directions All pectin is - is a jelling agent. It will make your orange marmalade recipe stick rather than run.

    One last pectin word - IF you get to cooking and you still think your orange marmalade is too runny - YOU CAN ADD MORE PECTIN. There is no hard fast rule that you have to stick with what they say.

    How do I prepare the oranges and lemons?

  • Rinse the oranges and the lemons.
  • Take a sharp paring knife and cut off the colored part of the peel. You can get a tad of the white part of the peel - but the more you get the more bitter your recipe will be.
  • Remove the rind and pith (the white stuff still on the orange and lemon)
  • Slice the fruit lengthwise
  • Slice across in 1/4 inch slices ( semi-circles)
  • NOTE: Your oranges and lemons are going to "juice" as you cut. Save that juice if you want. You can substitute it for the 4 cups of water. Tip: If you cut the lemons and oranges inside a 13 x 9 pyrex it keeps the juice in one area and it's easy to use. Too it makes your marmalade more flavorful than just the water. You can use a cookie sheet (but not the ones with the non-stick surface - you don't want to mar those!).

    Is it really done?

    Being "done" is a judgment call. You get to pick the amount of thickness. Remember you can always add to the pectin as you boil. Here's how you tell. Get out a spoon. A stainless steel one. Dip it in the boiling jam. Hold it long ways (length-wise). If the jam sticks on the spoon and it stays beaded together AND LOOKS like what you want - it's done. Other people cool a saucer in the fridge. Plop the hot jam on the saucer. If it looks,feels right. Then it's done. It's all your judgment.

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