White Sangria Recipe

white sangria recipe

This white sangria recipe is part of my sangria recipes collection. It's a little bit different than the other traditional sangrias. And here's why -

White wine first and foremost. (That's all the "white" means in the name.) Just white wine. (Not a fancy liqueur or some obscure ingredient). It simply means white wine is used.

Sangrias usually only have four ingredients. The fruit, the wine, a bit of sugar, and an alcohol. Some bars splash with a club soda or a "sprite". And many leave it out. I usually leave it out - just because I don't have tons of club soda or white soda hanging around. The key to making great sangria is - preparation. And if you don't know what they here's the basics on how to make a sangria.

sangria recipes are very flexible - as far as food choice (not preparation!). See some substitution ideas below. Just stay with the ratios and measurements though. If a white sangria recipe wasn't what you were looking for see the 4 other sangria recipes.

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White Sangria Recipe

YIELD: 1 Pitcher


* 1 bottle dry white wine (don't overanalyze and hurt your brain - just get a white wine)

* 3/4 cup Triple Sec (see below)

* 1/8 cup white sugar

* 1 pound of any fruit combo listed below


1. Slice the grapes in half and if using other fruit slice into wedges.

2. Place the fruit in bowl and press the sugar into it.

The operative word is "press" not pulverize or change the shape of the fruit.

3. Pour the Triple Sec over the pressed fruit.

4. Cover and let the fruit/booze mixture rest AT LEAST 15 minutes.

(I put it in a sealed container.)

Go find something to do - clean up or whatever, but let the mixture sit.

5. AFTER the minimum 15 minutes of sitting, place wine and fruit/booze mixture in the sangria pitcher.

6. Put your pitcher in the refrigerator to ALLOW THE DRINK TO SIT at least half a day. (Really!) So total prep time might be of getting out ingredients - cutting,pressing the sugar in the fruit etc - but the key is - let it sit!

What fruit works best with this white sangria recipe?

Plenty. The main thing you are looking for is to NOT overpower the white wine with a huge fruity taste. They all need to blend. Here's some fruits I'd use in any combo. Just make sure to follow the procedure and you should be good!

  • strawberry ( make sure they are firm!)
  • red grapes
  • oranges
  • limes
  • peach

  • Shouldn't the fruit be real ripe for flavor?

    Not necessarily. Once it sits in the wine it will slowly decompose. You can come back and find fruit babies floating if you are not careful. I usually go for not quite ripe ! Press the sugar in and you will get a nice flavor. Remember the process!

    W hat wine makes the white sangria recipe turn out the best?

    There is absolutely NO right answer to this no matter what my reply is. It's very personal. You choose. You're the cook. And that makes whatever you choose the right choice and by far the best one. Right?

    Our Italian tradition for any sangria recipe was to use the wine leftover from dinner the night before.

    What can I substitute for the Triple Sec?

    Any liqueur that blends with your fruit. It is there to give your fruit that zing! Try any of the flavored vodkas.

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