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sangria recipes

Sangria recipes usually only have four ingredients:

  • a fruit
  • a wine
  • a small amount of sugar
  • a trace of liqueur
  • And the best thing about sangrias - they are make-ahead drinks. There's nothing worse than a guest showing up early, and you have to offer a drink when you barely have your bar set up! The key in to a sangria isn't about the wine. Isn't about the fruit. Isn't about which type of sangria you make. It's about the prep.

    It's not that it takes a lot of time, but it's about the order of things. It probably won't take you any longer than to get everything prepped.

    It's about the "sitting" time. And I wrote a quick refresher page on how to make a Sangria.

    In the picture gallery below you can see the four recipes for sangria. And also the link to the how-to page. You can take a lot of lee way - as far as wine goes, and there's a little "give" on the fruit.

    Our tradition has it that the left over wine from dinner the night before is the wine we use in our sangrias. However, I don't EVER recall there being any wine left over. (Ok, well maybe the big jugs - but we just drank from them again the next night).

    I have found that using a cheaper wine doesn't hurt the flavor. However, a bad wine is a bad wine. You can't disguise it no matter what. Kinda like having an ugly date - they just don't get prettier even with a bag on their head. I do make all these recipes. And again, no matter what options I choose, or what wine I have - the preparation is the key!

    Make sure and read the tips at the bottom of each page so you won't commit any faux pas. (Like buying a fruit that disintegrates in the wine.) The fruit is the best part of a sangria - it's soaked with all that boozegoodness.

    And if sangria recipes aren't quite doing it for you I listed all the Italian Drinks I have on my site too.

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