Amaretto Drink Recipes

Amaretto Drink Recipes

Amaretto drink recipes is a part of my Italian Drinks collection. These 12 recipes are drinks that use amaretto.

Amaretto is a liqueur that taste like sweet almonds - but is more than 20 unique flavors. The most popular recipe in this category is the Amaretto Sour Drink Recipe. But did you know you can make an Italian Margarita too! It's basically a margarita - but with the addition of amaretto you get a unique perspective. You can make an amaretto tea - take your tea bag, steep it, add some cream, and amaretto. There's TONS of more things to do with a bottle of amaretto.

If you know you there's a whole list of amaretto drink recipes, it makes it easier to add one to your cart when you are in the liquor store. Right? And really most of these recipes have stuff you can pick up at the liquor store too (like limes, lemons, cream etc) My liquor store has a little tiny "cubbie" area that has napkins, toothpicks, cherries and all that stuff to grab on the way out the door. Yes, I'm in one of those states that doesn't allow for liquor to be sold in the grocery stores. (UGH! can I say - INCONVENIENT?!?)

None of these recipes are long or complicated. Nobody's got time for that. Plan on tops, for the longest recipe.

All 235 recipes and photos are desserts and Italian drinks I have made through out the years. So - they're tried and true.

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