Blue Lagoon Drink

"Amaretto, Lime, Rum and Blue Curacao"

blue lagoon drink

This blue lagoon drink is part of my amaretto drink recipes collection. It's is one of those Italian drinks that's not real well known. Although it has amaretto in it - it's not a sweet drink even though the blue makes it appears that way. I can palette this drink before dinner. It's not overly sweet. ( Many of my amaretto drink recipes are sweeter, and it makes it hard to have them before dinner.)

I LOVE the blue color! And to get that blue color you really do need to follow the recipe ingredients. Definitely use a white/colorless rum.

You could probably creative here and there with this recipe. But the main thing to look out for is your creative spirit spiraling out of control and the color of this becomes seaweed green and not like a blue lagoon.

While you are here you may want to see the the other Italian drinks I have on my site. They are in the photo gallery below. Just hover, and click on what looks good - and that will get you to the recipe.

One last thing, if you DO want this sweeter you CAN do that - see the substitution section below.

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Blue Lagoon Drink

YIELD: 1 Serving


* 1 oz white rum (you can use Malibu if you want sweeter)

* 1/2 oz amaretto

* 1/2 oz blue curacao

* 1/2 oz fresh lime juice


* Mix

* Strain

* Pour and serve

* A fix - tops!

Does it have to be blue curacao?

Pretty much. Don't substitute Gran Marnier!!! Yes, they are similar - one is made from the orange peels -the other is a distilled orange liqueur - BUT it's about the color. The Gran Marnier will totally make this look vomit green.

Why white or clear rum?

Only because a colored rum will get you a gross colored drink. The color of this is gorgeous - so be true to the recipe and us a clear/white/colorless rum. (No Captain Morgan!)

Want this a little sweeter?

Add some pineapple juice. Or add some orange juice. Even try Malibu if you want a tropical sweeter flavor. But drinker beware - adding these will change the color of your blue lagoon.

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