Pizzelle Recipe

A traditional Italian cookie recipe"

pizzelle recipe

The pizzelle recipe is one of those very traditional Italian cookie recipes. And even though you may find them abroad - guarantee we're gonna take ownership of them :-).

Pizzelles remind me of something old ladies would serve at a tea party. They are light and crisp with out much meat to them. And they get their dainty shape from a pizzelle maker.

If you are in a hurry these are definitely NOT one of my easy Italian dessert recipes . Sorry. Here's why...

You will need a pizzelle iron to make them. A pizzelle iron is a lot like a waffle iron. You pour the batter on the iron. Let it cook and remove.

Now - I've not done this, but you *could* take the cookie off the iron and while it's hot roll it to make cannoli shells (See my cannoli recipes for the recipe to make the filling) Even though these aren't one of my quick hit - easy Italian dessert recipes - they are very unique and traditional. So, if you don't mind just a smidge of more work this will look pretty and impress your friends. (The extra effort really does make a nice presentation!)

There are a couple of ways to serve these:

  • dusted with powdered sugar (traditional)
  • with jam on top (traditional)
  • with nutella (This is pushing the traditional envelope - but kids LOVE this!)
  • If this wasn't the type of cookie you were looking for - scroll down and see the full list of Italian cookie recipes I have on my site.

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    Pizzelle Recipe

    YIELD: About 30 Pizzelles


    * 3 eggs

    * 1 3/4 c. flour

    * 1/2 tsp. anise seed or extract (optional see substitution ideas below)

    * 1/2 c. UNSALTED butter (1/4 lb.)

    * 2 tsp. baking powder

    * 3/4 c. sugar

    * 1 tsp. vanilla extract


    * Beat eggs and sugar.

    * Add cooled melted butter and vanilla and anise.

    * Sift flour and baking powder and add to egg mixture.

    * Drop the stiff batter by spoon onto the iron.

    NOTE : The batter can be refrigerated and used at a later time if you get called away or want to cook later

    I'd say total prep time and pizzelle iron warm up, PLUS making the cookie would be about .

    Now the clean up....that's another story.

    What is a pizzelle iron?

    It's much like a waffle maker. Except you can only do one thing with it - make a pizzelles. The iron is what gives the cookie it's dainty round shape.

    Can I substitute anything for the butter?

    Nope, not at all. No oil. No margarine. You need the butter to get the right texture and to get the pizzelle to brown. Besides, margarine is crap, you really weren't thinking of using any way. Were you?

    Can I leave out the anise?

    Yes! Even though I grew up with anise flavoring in many of the Italian dessert recipes my Aunties and grandma served, I'm not a big fan of it when it's the primary flavor. I love to use pinches of it in chocolate recipes though. But here's some ideas, you can leave it out or substitute:

  • almond extract
  • vanilla extract
  • lemon zest
  • orange zest
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