Fresh Strawberry Desserts

"See this recipe (below) and my fresh strawberry cake recipe"

Fresh Strawberry Desserts

I have two fresh strawberry desserts on my website. This one - scroll below. And my fresh strawberry cake recipe that is made with ricotta cheese. I'm sure as the years roll by I'll be adding new ones to this section - but right now I only have two in this part of my fruit dessert recipes.

This recipe flavored with marsala wine which is used to flavor some other Italian dessert recipes. But mostly marsala is known for the famous chicken marsala. It's a sweeter Italian cooking wine.

This recipe is quick and easy! Takes no oven. And you can make it right before dinner so the marsala and sugar can mingle while you are eating your main meal.

I have tried other wines with fruit also. You can experiment with this too. Those ideas are in the substitutions in the section below. Lotsa of liberties with fruit and sweeter wines!

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Fresh Strawberries with Marsala

YIELD: Pound


* 1 lb of strawberries

* 1/8 cup sugar

* 1/8 cup marsala


* Hull strawberries slice in quarters. (If strawberries are small slice in half)

* Mix wine and sugar in bowl and somewhat dissolve.

* Pour wine and sugar over cut strawberries.

* Refrigerate in covered container for at least .

How long will this keep?

Not long. The acid in the wine eats through fresh strawberries. And too, they will become an unappetizing gray after a day or two. For most fresh strawberry desserts - you need to plan on serving the same day you prepare them. And that's for the desserts without the wine also. It's just that the ones with the wine breakdown even quicker!

What other wine works well in fresh strawberries?

I've been pleased with the following:

  • dry red
  • zinfandel

  • Can I use frozen strawberries in this?

    Hmmmmmm. Well the key here is "fresh" and that usually implies NOT frozen. I honestly don't think it would be tasty. After defrosting frozen strawberries you usually have mush. It's not something I would ever attempt - but I know we're all different in what we serve. :-)

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