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Fresh Strawberry Desserts

"Marsala, sugar - that's it!"

Fresh Strawberry Desserts

This is one of several fresh strawberry desserts on my website. If this isn't what you are looking for scroll below and see if the others are what you need.

This fruit dessert recipe is flavored with marsala wine which is used to flavor some Italian dessert recipes (such as the cannoli shell). Just a little Italian food trivia to store away for the next time you are strapped for party conversation.

This is quick and easy!

I happened to have marsala the day I made this recipe. I have tried other wines. You can experiment with this too. There are some substitutions in the section below to kinda think about.

Fresh Strawberries with Marsala

Yield:1 Pound


1 lb (450 g) of strawberries

1/8 cup (30mL) sugar

1/8 cup (30mL) marsala


* Hull strawberries slice in quarters. (If strawberries are small slice in half)

* Mix wine and sugar in bowl and somewhat dissolve.

* Pour wine and sugar over cut strawberries.

* Refrigerate in covered container for at least 30 minutes.

How long will this keep?

Not long. The acid in the wine eats through fresh strawberries. And too, they will become an unappetizing gray after a day or two.

What other wine works well in fresh strawberries?

I've been pleased with the following:

  • dry red

  • zinfandel

  • Can I use frozen strawberries in this?

    Hmmmmmm. Well the key here is "fresh" and that usually implies NOT frozen. I honestly don't think it would be tasty. After defrosting frozen strawberries you usually have mush.

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    Lisa Gianotti

    Labor Day Is Coming Up!

    It's still so hot, it's hard to get excited about cranking up the over. So - there are a couple of NO BAKE stand-by's I use:

    Strawberry and Marsala

    Amaretto Mouse Cheesecake

    The big word is NO BAKE.

    And then, there's always my Italian Drinks collection to make a party unique and festive.

    Whatever you choose for Labor Day, keep it cool. Keep it simple. And keep it safe!


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