Valentine Cookie Recipes

valentines cookie recipes

These valentine cookie recipes are a part of my Italian cookie recipes section.

These cookies can be:

  • molded and shaped as hearts
  • set in red foil wrappers found in your baking section at the grocery store
  • The whole idea of making something "valentines" is more in the presentation of the cookie. It's not so much the the flavor or name of the cookie. If it looks "hearts-ish" then we seem to think, "Awh, that's so valentines"

    And that's what I did here - I went through my list of cookies that were either rolled out and shaped OR they were small and could be dropped right in a red-foil wrapper.

    The only one that I wouldn't really couldn't really be called a valentine cookie recipe - would be my amaretto truffles recipe. They are beautiful and decadent. And yes, they take a lot of work. But the would make that nice valentines presentation.

    Just remember that when you roll or shape a cookie - the dough needs to be chilled before you start shaping. This adds a bit more time than just plain old drop cookies, but that's the joy of Valentines Day, it's something special. So make sure and keep that in mind when setting time aside. I would plan on at least for prep, baking, and cleaning up.

    Thanks for stopping by - and have a very romantic Valentines Day!

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