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Cookies that are shaped

rolled cookie recipes

These rolled cookie recipes are a part of my Italian cookie recipes collection. My cookie recipes kept growing and growing. And pretty soon it made it tough to read on a page when you had a long list to scroll through.

When I'm in the mood to bake cookies I am usually looking on the fly. it's kind of a mood thing. I either wanna do it quick and just plop them down like in I wanna speed through and I need drop cookie recipes. But if I'm festive or want a certain shape - then that's where this came in.

These cookies are for the most part "Italian" - but I've put substitutions in the recipes in case there is something you may not want the flavor of - and that's usually anise. You can leave it out if it's in the recipe.

Most of these cookie recipes are truly rolled and then cut. BUT there are a few of the recipes where you shape the dough with your hand. They are the cookies that are in the shape of a ball, or they started as a ball and then you flatten them with a glass. Many of the Italian Dessert Recipes came from my grandma and her little Italian lady friends. My grandma was involved in many civic organizations. And one fund raising event involved my grandma typing (yes, typing) over 200+ recipes that her little lady friends handed her on scraps of paper. She typed each one and then brought 200 sheets of typed-up recipes to a printer where they made cook books to sell (back before the digital age). That's where many of my Italian cookie recipes came from.

One last thing - since many of these take some time to cool the dough so you can roll and shape - don't plan on having these ready in an hour. Set aside for prep and baking. It will be worth it though. These make such nice presentations

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