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First off let me answer the question people always wonder - do I get paid for writing this site. The answer is yes. But it's probably not the way you are thinking.

I began writing this site as a hobby. More like an experiment. I have a full-time job. And not as a writer. And not as chef. This site is my hobby. The difference is - my hobby makes me money. Which I know most people can't say. So this "experiment" became a good thing.

So you are asking HOW do I get paid for writing this. Basically through advertising and a small amount of money through affiliates. I have Google AdSense on 60% of my site, and a smattering of Amazon ad's for products that I like and that go with cooking desserts.

My costs to have the site are minimal. And when I began I knew nothing. So how did I learn? I did a lot of reading and finally I found a company that I have loved since 2009. And with their help I began this site. It's called SBI. Site Build It! is the full name.

SBI is a business devoted to helping those like me and you achieve our dream. How? By taking what we write and forming it into a fully functional website. Ok, so making a website wasn't exactly what I was looking for - but SBI showed step by step how to take what I wrote and then place it on the web. AND the thing that made me happiest? I could write about what I loved and make a little money too.

Site Build It!

What are your hobbies, interests, passions?

Everybody knows a little bit about something. And people want to read about what you know! I love to cook - so *voila*! I write my recipes. I'm half Italian. So, I write about Italian recipes. I love sugar. So my whole site is about Italian dessert recipes !

How do you make money from that?

There are so MANY ways! I'm only using one of the ways to generate income right now. Like I mentioned above this site makes money from Ad Sense, the little ads on the side of my pages. That's just one way to earn money from your writing. SBI guides you through a zillion other ways to get paid for writing about things you love!

So, how does SBI work?

SBI coaches you with videos and action guides. There are forums with others working on the same dream as you! The goal to get paid writing about things that are enjoyable! SBI helps you take your passion and love and helps you build it into a website. Yep, really a website! And you CAN do that without knowing how to "code", or how to "build a site" Don't worry about that. Site Build It! will help you every inch of the way! You are not left wondering how to do anything.

Are you selling stuff?

Nope, I'm not. But some other SBI folks do. And some do VERY well at it. Click here and you can see how others use SBI to sell hard goods and eGoods.

Who really does this?

About 40,000 people. We are everywhere. Global! And we are everybody! And before these folks used Site Build It! many of them only knew how to point and click on the internet. We are grannies, work from home moms, dad's with hobbies, white collar professionals, blue collar workers, teenagers, and really we are just normal folks!

SBI takes you by the hand each step of the way.

Read about some of the people who have done this - Click here Case studies of SBI owners.

How much money can I make?

It's really up to you! Some folks achieve impressive amounts like over 100K annually (USD). Others make enough to buy extras each month. We all use SBI for our own goals. It's all relative to what you want out of it - and how much time you have to put into it.

Getting paid for your writing 24/7!

Here's the beauty, once you write a page- it's done! The page you write is now out on the web for the world to read. Forever. When you sleep, when you drive, and when you vacation you will still get paid for your writing.

Site Build It!

It's YOUR TURN! What will you write about?

Your experiences? Your hobbies? Seriously you can be making money from hobbies, by writing about them! Get paid for writing about those. What do you love? Do you want to be making money from hobbies, not just spending money to keep doing them? (You're doing them anyway!) Write about it! See what other SBI folks have written about: See why people LOVE SBI and how it helps them get paid for writing about things they love!

What next?

Check out SBI - Site Build It! Join with us and get paid for doing something you LOVE! I did! And I've never been happier! Click Here! Join us and build a new life!

If you have any questions feel free to message me on Facebook!

Thanks for reading. I really do love what I do. This is a super uber blast. I cook. I write. People read and enjoy. I can't say enough for this company that guides me each step of the way.

Owner and Creator of Italian Dessert Recipes

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