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Poached Pear Recipe

"flavored with wine, lemon, cinnamon and anise"

poached pear recipe

This poached pear recipe is so incredible, I wish you could bite it right out of the picture. It's the wine syrup that totally makes it delish. It's one of those fruit dessert recipes that comes to the rescue when there's tons of pears sitting on your counter. And if you are really over-burdened with pears see my pear recipes section.

So, one thing that may freak you out - is anise. It's an Italian spice and it's used often in Italian dessert recipes. It really adds to the flavor, but it's not required! You can omit it and this will still turn out scrumptious. The BIG key is to take the time in reducing the wine and getting a nice syrup! It's so simple. So don't get impatient.

See the section below for ideas or substitutions.

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Poached Pear Recipe

YIELD: 6 Pears


* 1 1/2 cups dry red wine

* 1 cup sugar

* 1/8 teaspoon anise powder or seed (don't panic - see substitution ideas)

* 2 cinnamon sticks

* 2 - 3 thin lemon slices

* 6 firm pears (Bartlett, Anjou or Bosc)


* In a large sauce pan combine wine, sugar , anise, cinnamon sticks and lemon slices.

* Bring wine mixture to a boil over a high heat.

* Remove core from bottom end of each pear. Leave stems in.

* Peel pears if ya want.

* Set the pears in the boiling mixture and reduce heat to medium.

* Cover and simmer until pears are heated through and still hold their shape

* See note below for different pear types.

* Turn fruit occasionally so all side sit in the syrup at least once.

* Lift the pears out with a slotted spoon.

* Reduce syrup over high heat until there is about 3/4 - 1 cup.

* Pour syrup over and around pears.

* Most people serve these warm. I don't care I'll take 'em cold or warm.

How long do I cook the pears?

Bartlett's take about 8-10 minutes. Anjou and Bosc take about .
Just pierce them with a fork to test.

What type wine works best?

I don't do wine questions - ever! There is never a right answer. It's like It's a politics religion catch 22 question.

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