Apple Dessert Recipes

apple dessert recipes

These four apple dessert recipes are a subset of Italian Dessert Recipes where apples are the main ingredient or flavor. And if you have other fruit to use see my fruit dessert recipes .

In this collection I have two Italian cakes where applesauce or apples themselves are cored sliced and used.

The biggest thing that will help you with baking and cooking with apples is -to use an apple peeler corer slicer. Yeah, I know a mouthful. I've been using this gadget since it came out. And back when they came out, they weren't as inexpensive as they are now. I've got one shown at the bottom of the page. I can't tell you how WONDERFUL this is to make cakes, tarts, and baked apples.

I'd like to make a palate disclaimer - I realize my sour apple martini isn't truly made from a "real" apple. But since I don't have a boss. I don't go to school where my site is graded. I added it in for grins and giggles. If you really didn't find what you were looking for check out my homepage - Italian Dessert Recipes - each category has it's own recipe list section.

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