Kahlua and Cream Recipe

"...with some amaretto - just to even it out"

kahlua and cream recipe

This kahlua and cream recipe has a special guest ingredient. Amaretto. Which now makes this one of those hidden Italian drinks that only you and I, and maybe a few others know about. Yet.

Amaretto is an Italian liqueur. It taste a bit like sweet almonds. Which makes this drink - super sweet. It makes this more like a dessert in a cup!

If you are already a fan of amaretto you may be interested in my amaretto drink recipes page. I have over 20+ recipes showing you all kinds of wonderful things you can do with that bottle. I mean Amaretto Sours are great - but there's more!

You can take creative liberties with this recipe and a couple of suggestions are listed below. Thank you for stopping by ~

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Kahlua and Cream Recipe

YIELD: 1 Serving


* 2/3 oz. kahlua

* 2/3 oz. cream

* 2/3 oz amaretto


* Pour the kahlua and amaretto into serving glass.

* Pour the cream over a bar spoon so that it floats. Hmmmm. (In other words, pour s-l-o-w-l-y so that the cream is on top.)

* So, if that doesn't work, pour it over the rocks!

* And if you don't like either of those suggestions, then just pour it in a chilled glass after you have stirred it in ice.

* It's still a quick fix any way you "float" it. Ha! Give yourself a whole of prep.

What can I swap out for the cream?

If you have half & half that's OK. It's not first choice. Kinda like a B-Grade movie. It's bearable but you may only want to do it once.

What can I swap out for the kahlua?

Well conviently I have espresso vodka from making my espresso martini recipe. If you happen to have that on hand - then it could be swapped out!

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