Cake Frosting Recipes

cake frosting recipes

This collection of cake frosting recipes started out small. But after posting my Italian cake recipes since Spring of 2009 - this collection began to grow. I'm carving out a little section of frosting - to assist in the cause of good site organization. NOTHING is worse then having a craving and sitting on the edge of your stool to search for a recipe ONLY to get to a website where you can't find anything. So - *poof* here's the little section. Devoted to the beauty of sugar. And the joy frosting brings.

I really do think the best part of the cake is the frosting. My mom was a health food freak and denied me a lot of frosting experiences. But then there was grandma. Grandma believed in sugar (and frosting). And I gravitated to grandma's idealisms in Italian dessert recipes . The creamier the better. The denser the better. Oh, and if it has alcohol - the better (See my Italian Drinks ). As a rebel (not necessarily going back to my roots) - I tend to create and concoct a ton of cake frosting recipes.

I have to give credit to my grandmother though. She passed many of her Italian Dessert Recipes to me when she was alive. And then when she passed the family just handed me a ton of her cook books.

Italian cookie recipes don't call or frosting that much. If they do it's usually a glaze. My ricotta cheese cookies are one of those and they call for an optional glaze. Never feel like you can't experiment and try your own thing. That's why these are here. So as far as the authentic thing, these frostings are used mostly on my Italian cakes collection.

Another thing about frosting that I love - is spreading it on graham crackers when there's no cake to ice. This is a quick-fix-kid-type dessert, I know. But it's something I still do even in my 50's!

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