How To Make Sangria

"Tips to make your sangrias a smashing success!"

how to make sangria

Want to know how to make sangria taste authentically Italian? I mean so good that you want to slam the drink and EAT all the fruit in it?

LET IT SIT! (The full "how-to" list is below...keep reading.) That's only part of making a sangria that takes long. Total prep time of getting it ready is probably no more than But it's that "sitting" that is key to knowing how to make sangria!

If a young-child-bar-tender is making a sangria in front of you and chopping up the fruit - that's crap. A real sangria sits. A poser sangria is made on the spot to turn a fast dollar.

You can do a million times better yourself. And you can call the next wanna-be-peach fuzz-bartender on his posing.

The sangria recipes are on a separate page for a reason. Ya gotta read this page first to know the authentic procedure. I guarantee you will be thankful you did. An authentic Italian sangria is not a pour-and-mix-at-the-bar-drink.

If this wasn't what you were looking for see the photo gallery below, hover over the photo, and it will tell you the name of the recipe. These are all of the Italian drinks I have on my site. And if you just want sangrias - here's the page that just has sangria recipes.

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How To Make Sangria (The Super Secret) Procedure

YIELD: 1 Smashing Pitcher of Sangria

Items Needed:

  • A small bowl
  • A pitcher to serve in
  • The fruit
  • The booze
  • The wine
  • A little sugar
  • Procedure

    Press the sugar and booze in the fruit with a wooden spoon.

    * I usually stick the fruit/booze in a Tupperware or something with a sealed lid.

    * Let the sugared fruit and booze sit at least 30 minutes!If you are gonna be longer than that - stick it in the fridge.

    * Add the sugared fruit with wine and put it all in a pitcher.

    * Let the pitcher sit at least a half day!!!!!

    What makes a *bad* Sangria?

    Here's the biggie in my humble half-Italian-girl opinion. NOT LETTING THE DRINK SIT. Most pretender Italian franchise restaurants cut the fruit when you order. That's a "so what". You and I could do that with our eyes close. Sangrias need to "sit" at two separate: stages

  • Stage 1 - The booze and fruit stage.
  • Stage 2 - The final stage when the wine is mixed in.

  • If it's so easy why follow a recipe?

    Even though sangria recipes are basically four ingredients, I'd suggest using a recipe for guidance until you get the hang of ratios and the fruit booze combinations. Here's why:

  • Some fruits don't lend well to sangrias.
  • Too much or too little fruit will make a drink that tastes like a bad wine.
  • Too much or too little booze can make the drink taste like a cocktail that went bad.
  • Too much or too little sugar can make the drink taste sicky sweet or like a bad fruit wine.

  • White Sangria or Red Wine Sangria?

    BOTH please! Personally I like red. I think red makes the best sangria recipe. But wine is a personal thing. Like politicians - everyone has their opinion. And no matter what I suggest, this is a conversation like sex and religion. It can spiral out of control. Leave it at home. So I will do that. However, let's keep two things in mind - if you really want to know how to make Sangria taste good, but not get caught up in the wine choice:

  • You don't need an expensive wine! You can even use a table wine. BUT, a *bad* wine is like an ugly date - even the bag doesn't help!
  • The fruit in these sangria recipes add a fruity flavor. (Hint: A fruity wine may be over the top!)
  • As a traditional Italian (American) family, our dinners had the man of the house seated at the head of the table in charge of the wine. My dad or papa would place the bottle either at his feet or above his dinner plate. The part where we varied from tradition is - sangria is traditionally made from the leftover wine. Our tradition was - there was either NO leftover wine - or the men wanted to drink it the next night. So it just got corked. Things have changed now that I'm in charge of my kitchen. The men don't get a say-so.

    Take me back to the top of how to make Sangria.

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