Fig Jam Recipe

"Dark or Light Figs Work Fine"

fig jam recipe

T his fig jam recipe can be made with any fig - dark ("black") or light ("green" or "yellow"). We do use figs a lot in our culture. I also have a great Italian fig cookies recipe if you have extra figs you are looking to use.

Since I said this was a fig jam recipe - I will walk you through the "jam" part of it. But you can modify for either the preserves or jelly.

  • As a jelly (push it through a sieve after cooking)
  • As a jam (remove the skins while it's cooling)
  • As a preserve (leave the skins)
  • If you have never cooked with figs before - don't be "afraid". They are sweet. Beautiful in color. And you can make the ever populat Italian fig cookies with them. Even my kids will eat these. The red cooks so vibrant it looks like cherries.

    Now for this fig jam recipe you will need:

  • fresh figs (not dried)
  • firm ones, not too mushy (you can keep them in the 'fridge till you are ready)
  • about 4 cups worth
  • If you have never used figs before, I really hope you give it a try. The cookie recipe and this one are a real great way to get acquainted with these sweet guys.

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    Fig Jam Recipe

    YIELD: 2 pints


    * 4 cups of firm figs (any type)

    * 4 cups of sugar (white)

    * 2 tablespoons lemon juice


    * Cut the figs. Depending on size you may want to quarter. If they are small just cut in half.

    * Put the cut figs into a large saucepan

    * Add 2 cups of the sugar

    * Heat and boil hard for about 5 minutes, stirring constantly

    * Add lemon juice and the rest of the sugar

    * Boil hard stirring all the time until until the syrup is ready to gel (see below)

    * Stir occasionally while cooling

    * While cooling take out the skins with tongs(this makes it a jam, leave the skins in - this makes a preserve)

    * When the jam has cooled - pour into STERILIZED jars

    * Sometimes you may want to let this stand overnight before putting it into jars. (see below)

    * After you have poured the jam into jars, place saran/cellophane on the top of the jam and screw on the lid

    * Store in a cool dark place (or fridge)

    * Your actual cook and prep is probably (But don't plan on this being ready to eat right away. Take into account your cooling time.)

    NOTE: My grandma's friend said that this particular recipe is not good to double. I've never tried to see if she is wrong - so, if you wish to double, you are on your own.

    What's the "gel" test?

    My grandma's friend Mildred said to use a spoon and dip it in the boiling jam. Hold it up edgewise and when 2 heavy drops slide together at the edge of the spoon, "it's done." Too, you can put some of the boiling jam on a cold plate and do a taste test.

    Why wait for it to cool before the jars?

    Sometimes in jam or jelly recipes the fruit will float when it's hot. And then when you put it in the jars have floating fruit in the top and syrup on the bottom. If you wait overnight the sugar plumps up. Each fig jam recipe you make will "plump" differently.

    Wanting to make this into fig preserves?

    Leave the skins in. That's what makes it a "preserve". Now if you get it looking too chunky - pull out some of the skins before it cools. If you wait till it all the way cools you may end up taking away more than just the skin as the the jam/jelly part gels. So while it's hot or warmer take out the extra skin you don't want.

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