Chocolate Pudding Recipe

chocolate pudding recipe

This chocolate pudding recipe this is the gooey inside I use in my chocolate tart recipe - which is part of a whole tart recipes section I have on my site. This is just a basic recipe with one exception - AMARETTO! You CAN leave it out if you want - the recipe turns out fine, or add it in. And I talk about that in the section below.

Making pudding from scratch is worth the effort. (And it's not a lot of extra effort - you just can't wander off and do facebook - you need to stir CONSTANTLY or your milk will burn. ) The texture is about the same as a box pudding, but a bit more congealed. Here's where you get the extra bounce tho - THE FLAVOR. It's, like out there on your on your tongue. Thanks for stopping by - And really, do give making pudding a chance. Try it once. Or at least put it on your bucket list.

Thanks for stopping by and happy pudding delight -

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Chocolate Pudding Recipe

YIELD: 6 ramekins


* 3 Tbsp of flour

* 1/2 cup sugar

* dash salt

* 1 cup scalded milk

* 1 ounce UN sweetened chocolate, melted

* 2 egg yolks, slightly beaten

* 1 Tbsp butter

* 1 Tbsp amaretto


* Scald your milk then take it off the burner and set aside.

* Mix the flour, sugar and salt.

* Gradually add flour, sugar and salt to the milk (And the amaretto here if you want) and chocolate and heat over moderate heat until the mixture reaches a boil, stirring constantly.

* Boil for 2 minutes, then remove from heat.

* Add the egg yolks, then return to heat for 1 minute, stirring constantly.

* Cool slightly and add butter and liqueur.

* Pour into ramekins

Garnish: If you want with amaretto whipping cream!

* 1/2 cup of whipping cream

* 2 Tbsp of sugar

* 1 Tbsp. Amaretto (this is just another opportunity to get amaretto if you wish)

* Set aside at least for prep and cooling. And 2 hours is kind of pushing it to get it cooled off. But at least set aside two full hours.

What else can flavor the pudding with?

Several things:

  • Kahlua
  • Almond Flavoring
  • malted milk powder

  • Hdo I use this chocolate pudding recipe to fill a tart or pie?

    I don't make pies, so I'm not an expert on the how-to's. But I do make tarts! We make tarts instead! And this is the same filling recipe used in the chocolate tart recipe. That recipe is fantastic with the ground almond crust.

    What else can I do with amaretto?

    We use it a lot in our desserts and drinks. If you are interested you can see my full amaretto recipes section.

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