Peach Sangria

"Only four ingredients needed!"

Peach Sangria

This Peach Sangria Recipe is one of those Italian drinks thats much cheaper to make at home AND tastes way better than Olive Garden! It's only since Olive Garden began serving this recipe that people salivate all over the menu to order one.

You can make a peach sangria JUST as good (and waaaaay cheaper!)

This recipe is super easy. There's only 4 ingredients! And if this wasn't what you were looking for check out my sangria recipes or scroll below to see the photo gallery which will lead you to all of the Italian drinks on my site.

Just follow the basic tips on this page - how to make a sangria and you should be "good to go".

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PS : There's a few questions and substitions in the section below.

Peach Sangria Recipe

YIELD: A SMASHING Pitcher of Peach Sangria


* 1 (750 milliliter) bottle dry white wine

* 3/4 cup peach schnapps (see note below)

* 1/8 cup white sugar

* 1 pound white peaches(see substitutions below), pitted and sliced


1. Slice the peaches into wedges.

2. Place peaches in bowl and press the sugar into the peaches.

Key word is "press". Don't pound, juice or pulverize. Just press.

3. Pour the peach schnapps over the pressed fruit.

4. Cover and let the peach booze mixture rest AT LEAST 15 minutes. (I put in a Tupperware and walk away.)

Go find something to do - but let the peaches and booze get to know each other and mingle.

5. AFTER the minimum 15 minutes of miglation (yes, I do realize this is not a real word), place wine and peaches/booze mixture in the sangria pitcher.

6. Put the pitcher the refrigerator to LET THE DRINK SIT at least half a day.

So, the total prep time might be about minutes after you get out the ingredients, cut, press, and let the pressed fruit rest. Just remember (again)


What kind of peaches work best?

Any peach will do. When I made this pitcher of sangria in the photo - I used white peaches. But it doesn't matter Whatever you do - don't start off with an overly ripe peach!!!

What size should the peach wedges be?

Don't cut them too thin! Wine is acidic and breaks down the peach. Thin sliced peaches will birth stringy offspring which floats like pieces of a cheap sweater in a wringer washer.

For a peach sangria what white wine is the best?

Oooooh, like religion, politics and sex - I won't discuss wine choices with anyone - except those who love me unconditionally. (And that number fluctuates daily depending how many of my kids are mad at me.)

The Italian tradition for Sangria wine choice is no deep dark secret - we use the leftover wine from the dinner the night before.

What can I substitute for the peach schnapps?

A Peach Vodka. If price is a concern the Schnapps manufacturer makes a smaller bottle for less than $8.00 USD.

What can I substitute for the peaches?

Well - since this is a recipe for a "peach" sangria - it wouldn't be a "peach sangria" if you nixed the Peach Schnapps and the peaches. But you don't *have* to use white peaches - use *normal* peaches.

Experiment away. Come up with your own concoction. However, I wouldn't suggest experimenting with this particular recipe though. Try experimenting with the traditional sangria recipe . I call it The Best Sangria Recipe because it's basic old school. Work with it to come up with your own crazy idea.

TIP 1: Make sure to TASTE your experiment before sending out sangria party invitations. Seriously, nothing is worse than a lousy sangria when your guests have gone all day without a drink and they come over expecting the real stuff.

TIP 2: As a refresher, review the basics of how to make a Sangria and you should be successful with your own concoction!

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