Italian Cookie Recipes

italian cookie recipes

Want to know the secret in making the best Italian cookie recipes? NOTHING! It's not that tough - because there is no big secret! All you need is some basic fresh ingredients. And of course, the ability to not only read - but follow the step by step instructions.

We use the several basic ingredients over and over. Once you realize how simple it is you will NEVER want to purchase an Italian-pretender-cookie from a franchised bakery or market again!

W hat do you need to make true Italian cookies?

  • Nuts
  • Flavorings
  • We use almond flavoring more than vanilla flavoring. And the big one that may seem foreign - anise extract or anise flavoring. (Anise is the flavoring that is similar to licorice - you may know it best in the traditional Italian biscotti.)

    All of these main ingredients can be found your *normal* supermarket and picked up in your regular shopping trip! Good news, huh? No specialty shopping required!

    Below is a photo gallery of all the Italian Cookie Recipes I have on my site. If you hover over the pictures you will see a description.

    I have many drop cookie recipe (you know where you literally drop the cookie dough on the cookie sheet). These are the Italian cookie recipes take no time to refrigerate or press into a molded shape. Just plop, drop, and clean up. These are great to do with kids.

    Then there is a set of cookie bar recipes. These are the one that are pressed into a pan - like brownies. They aren't dropped. And you don't get to shape them into circles or stars. You just press them up to the edge of the pan.

    Next to last of the type of cookie recipes I have are rolled cookie recipes. This is where the dough is refrigerated and then cut. BUT several call for the dough to be rolled in balls and either stay in balls or flatten with a glass. In other words, they aren't a drop cookie recipe and they aren't like like brownies (cookie bar recipes).

    And then last, Easy To Make Cookies. These cookies are quick, easy and the ingredients can be found in a *normal* supermarket. These are the cookie recipes that shouldn't take more than minutes from start to finish (and that includes clean up!) It's for those who gotta make cookies NOW!

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