Plum Recipes

Plum Recipes

Most plum recipes (used in Italian dessert recipes ) call for Italian plums. But you don't have to use them with any of my recipes. You can use any type of plum. Just make sure they are:

  • firm
  • not too ripe
  • have a little bit of give when you squeeze - but not much
  • You can use plums in any of my sangria recipes! Here's two other recipes I have:

  • Plum Tart
  • Plum Cake Recipe
  • Plum Cake Recipe

    So far - none of the recipes call for "peeled" plums. But you do have to get the pit out. The quickest way to do that is:

  • Cut into the plum along the seam
  • Make sure you cut all the way to the pit
  • Twist both halves in opposite directions
  • Remove the pit
  • This also works great with an avacado! Again, if the plum is too ripe, then this pitting method won't work.

    Too if you don't want to go to any cooking "trouble" you can make a little dip for the plums that isn't too sweet. Take some ricotta cheese, ( yes we are big on ricotta - see my ricotta cheese recipes ) stir in just a hint of sugar and chopped mint. It's a quick way to use up plums. Plus it will impress the neighbors - because NO ONE thinks of it!

    And if these aren't quite doing it for you I listed all the fruit dessert recipes I have on my site too.

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