Wedding Cake Martini

"Amaretto, vodka, and oranges"

wedding cake martini

The wedding cake martini is one of those (secret) Italian drinks. It's part of my amaretto drink recipes collection. I say "secret" because most people only think of using amaretto for Amaretto Sours. There's so MUCH more you can do with that bottle!

This really does taste like a wedding cake. Well ok, like a liquid wedding cake. And you can even add a dollop of whip cream on top for an "extra" if you wish.

Amaretto is the main flavoring in this. And contrary to popular belief there is no almond in amaretto. But the liqueur gives that sense of almonds. Which is what we think of when we have a wedding cake. (Well, a good wedding cake - not a cheap pasty grainy fake type bakery cake.)

I wouldn't skip the vodka in this ! It adds that extra zing! (Personally, I could use a tad more vodka than what I put in the recipe.) So, it really gives a kick with a nice wedding cake flavor.

This is a VERY sweet martini. So, for me - I can't drink it before dinner. But, hey for an after dinner drink? I'm there.

I threw in a few creative ideas and substitutions in the section below.

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Wedding Cake Martini

YIELD: 1 Serving


* 3 ounces amaretto

* 1/2 ounce vodka

* 1 ounce fresh squeezed orange juice


* Uh, shake, shake, shake, and then strain (if you have a pulp-y orange juice) then serve!

* OPTIONAL: Float a little cream on top if you wish! (I prefer this - really tastes like a cake)

Total time: - tops! I mean, really, this is a great quick fix!

Can I add stuff, like raisins or nuts?

The original recipe I saw for this calls for pineapple juice. And I've seen one variation use Malibu Rum. I'm one for not going out to the store for one or two things. So - I had oranges and I squeezed them. I had Malibu also, but I wanted ONE thing non-alcholic in the drink.

TIP: To strain the orange pulp - I pour the orange juice through a coffee filter.

Wondering what amaretto is?

It's a liqueur made from a base of apricot or almond pits, or sometimes both. It tastes like real sweet almonds.

Want a cream float on top?

I've seen variations of this where you can put a tablespoon of cream to float on top. DO this AFTER you have shaken and poured.

Too sweet?

Pull back the amaretto. OR, if you're like me - add a tad more vodka, just to get that nice little burn.

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