Arnold Palmer Recipe

Two versions - with alchohol (limoncello) or without

arnold palmer recipe

This arnold palmer recipe is part of my Italian drinks collection because has two versions. The one with alchohol version calls for my limoncello recipe. The other version is without.

The basic standard recipe is the one without alchohol. It's real simple. Not that the one with alchohol is super complex. It calls for limoncello

Limoncello is simply an Italian lemon cordial. A cordial is a sweet alchoholic drink. So - using limoncello doesn't give it the tartness - just the lemon-y flavor. The Limoncello Recipe is simple to make and cheaper than the $30 per bottle it costs here in the US. Just a thought.

Here's what I do since I have a house full of kids - I make a pitcher of the basic Arnold Palmer Recipe. The one with NO alchohol. I pour the kids glasses first. And I add limoncello to the glasses for those of us that WANT a kick. All it takes for the grown-up version is 1-2 ozs of limoncello per 8 ozs.

If this wasn't the type of drink recipe you were looking for scroll below and see the gallery of all the Italian drinks I have on my site. Click on the photo and it will take you to the recipe.

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Arnold Palmer Recipe

YIELD: 1 Pitcher


* 2 cups of FRESH BREWED iced tea

* 2 cups of boiling water

* 1 cup of sugar

* 5 lemons squeezed


* Squeeze lemons. And set them aside.

* Put 2 cups of water and the sugar in a sauce pan. Bring it to a boil.

* Take it off the burner - let it cool a bit.

* After the sugar/water mixture has cooled some add the squeezed lemons. And put in a serving pitcher.

* Add the brewed tea to the pitcher.

* That's it! Really!

TIP: Ice tea is best when made fresh. It gets slimy and bitter if it's made ahead of time. I'd plan on at least hour for the tea to brew and cool where you can pour it over the ice.

The grown up version of the Arnold Palmer Recipe

* Add 1-2 ozs of limoncello to each serving glass! It's awesome.

Is there a special trick to ice tea?

Actually - yeah. I learned this from my former boss who is a North Carolina gal.

  • Boil your water first
  • Add the tea bag to the water and pull it off the burner.
  • Let the mixture cool about 5 minutes.
  • Then pour it in a pitcher with a lid.
  • Add the sugar.
  • And put the lid on.
  • My personal deviation here is - I remove the tea bag after 5 minutes of steeping. My friend doesn't.

  • Isn't this just lemonade and ice tea?

    Basically yes. Makes ya mad when you pay over $3.00 at a restaurant for one, doesn't it?

    Can I use canned or bottled lemonade?

    You "can". BUT I hate anything bottled or canned when fresh is sooooo easy peasy.

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