Harvey Wallbanger Cake

"Galliano, vodka, orange juice and a cake mix!"

harvey wallbanger cake

A Harvey Wallbanger cake may not be one of those traditional Italian cakes BUT it uses a traditional Italian liquor ~ Galliano. Galliano is also used in one of our Italian drinks - predictably called the Harvey Wallbanger. Really. I kid you not. ( You can click here for the Harvey Wallbanger Recipe if you're interested.)

The drink and this cake are kind of old school. Like from the era that made the Old Fashioned Cocktail touted so much on Mad Men. I remember my grandparents talking about Harvey Wallbangers and Old Fashioneds a lot. Ok, more than just talking about them - drinking them. Galliano is a staple in an Italian household liquor cabinet. So, if you were wondering what to do with it after the cake - heck drink it!

I found this recipe in my grandmas little cookbook put together by her and her "lady" friends for a fundraiser. I have made a zillion Italian dessert recipes from this lil' cookbook. And this one like the others is awesome. My daughter's boyfriend had 5 pieces in one setting!

The procedure for this is similar to my Italian rum cake recipe. BOTH of those cakes are part of my easy cake recipes collection...because it's one of those box cake mix recipes ! (It starts with a mix - and then you add the goodies.) *GASP* I know! But why make things harder! I mean, you don't earn an extra harp in heaven if you milk the cow, chaff the wheat, or make your own butter. And thankfully, this guy stays simple.

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Harvey Wallbanger Cake

YIELD: 1 Bundt Pan


* 1 package yellow cake mix (I know, I know. But let's relax for one dessert and buy a mix!)

* 1 package of vanilla pudding (ONLY IF the cake mix doesn't have pudding in it)

* 1/2 cup of oil

* 4 eggs

* 1/4 cup of vodka

* 3/4 cup of orange juice

* 1/4 cup of Galliano


* Preheat oven to 350 degrees.

* Mix all ingredients together and beat for 4 minutes. (Really!)

* Pour batter into well greased and lightly floured bundt pan.

Bake in preheated oven for 40 to .

* You can dust with powdered sugar....OR maybe go for my bourbon orange glaze. You can make that glaze with or without the bourbon if you decide the bourbon may be overkill on top of all the alchohol in the cake.

What is Galliano?

Galliano is a brand name, like Pepsi or Charmin'. But to answer the question, it's an Italian herb flavored liqueur. There are over 80+ herbs and berries infused. The herb I notice most is anise, which most commonly is said to taste like black licorice.

Can I use shortening or butter instead of the oil?

Sure, just be aware of the texture you will get for substituting. But using one or other won't harm the flavor.

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