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Italian dessert recipes aren't that hard to make! Why? Because they never were in the first place.

cannoli recipes

You can make THE BEST tiramisu even if it's your first try! (I hit a home run for my husbands 49th birthday! I'd never done it before!)

Even an Italian biscotti recipe is so basic - you probably most of the ingredients in your pantry right now.

Think cannolis are tough to make? They are not! I used to look in the bakery case and think, cannoli recipes must be really complex. Wrong! (Especially if you buy the shells already made). Once I realized there aren't that many cannoli filling recipes - I just got food decorator crazy and learned how to put on the frillies and pretties to make things look professional. Most Italian dessert recipes just aren't that complex!

chocolate biscotti

Cannoli , biscotti, tiramisu - are made from simple ingredients you have in your pantry plus a couple of EASY to find spices or liqueurs!

It's just knowing how to combine these *normal* ingredients to get that distinct Italian flavor. I wrote for real people that shop in normal stores that sell basic food ingredients. And if you really want to cut to the chase - I broke out the ultimate Easy Italian Dessert Recipes in their own section. And the newest cool page is all about easy - box cake mix recipes . This is a great way to make a unique cake that tastes Italian - but starts with a cake mix. I was shocked when my grandma gave me her Italian Rum Cake Recipe . As a kid, I always thought she made this from scratch. Wrong. Cake Mix!

My name is Lisa. I'm a normal mom. (Well, don't ask my kids.) I eat dessert everyday. *Gulp* (Yep, really I do!) I am half Italian. And, I grew up making many of these Italian dessert recipes.

I've posted over 235 Italian desserts and you can find the list of the recipes in each section. Some recipes might look familiar. Why?

Because we all cook with our ethnic spices and flair! I'm Italian. I use Italian spices, liqueurs and flavorings. And that's really all there is to it. Each heritage adds their regional flavorings. So, enjoy. Stretch a little and try a recipe if it's seems a little unique to you. Or try the familiar. Just enjoy a little sugar and the simple pleasure it brings.

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PS: This year I added an easy candy recipes section. I realized - we do make candy. Not tons. But we intersperse them on our holiday trays like a garnish, not a main-dessert-type-thing. But we do take time to make candy as an "extra" dessert thing.

Italian Cakes

Most Italian cakes get their distinct flavoring from nuts, and REAL butter. In many of these cakes the flavoring may come from booze or extracts - or better known as flavorings. (And if you don't want to use alcohol/booze there is always a substitution listed on each page). Not too hard, right?

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Italian Cookies

Italian cookie recipes are just like most cookies you make. They have the basics - butter, nuts, and flour PLUS a few extras flavors like amaretto or anise. And each one of the Italian cookie recipes has a section with substitution ingredients.

November 2017

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Italian Drinks

The most well known Italian drinks are cappuccinos, sangria, and amaretto sours. Don't get in the rut of making only one type of drink. Never let a bottle sit and go to waste.

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An Italian biscotti recipe is cheap to make. Matter of fact they are probably the cheapest of any Italian dessert recipes to make. They do require a little time - only because they are baked twice. Once you make these you will think again before paying OVER $3.00 at a Starbucks, Scooters, or whatever-the-coffee-house.

(Click here to see the Italian biscotti recipe list.)

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Baked Cheesecake Recipes

Baked cheesecake recipes are the traditional Italian-type cheesecakes. These are one of the more popular Italian dessert recipes. Our cheesecakes usually call for ricotta and a type of cream (sour cream or heavy cream) along with eggs. Although it's not a traditional cheesecake - I have ONE no-bake cheesecake - just to help the craving through the summer months.

(Click here to see the baked cheesecake recipes list.)

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Fruit Dessert Recipes

These fruit dessert recipes ALL center around fresh fruit as the main ingredient. All you need is a few flavorings to enhance the natural fruit flavors. Some of the recipes use flour or nuts. And many use amaretto and wines. Need to use that large mound of on sale impulse fruit purchase?

Click here to see the full fruit dessert recipes list.

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For the most part we make tarts instead of pies! Tarts are like an American pie, just without a top. Many Italian fruit tarts are flavored with a wine. And most are made with an almond butter pastry - directions for the pastry are included on each recipe page. But there's no harm in using a frozen pastry either.

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